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The new EAGLE Subscription has landed

Sam Sattel

Calling all EAGLE users,

We have more good news to share.

But before I tell you how we’re moving things forward, let’s look back a little. For the past 25 years, EAGLE has been available as a standard, pay-up-front licensing model. With updates only being available, every few years and the system worked well, in the past.

But things are changing – and for the better.

EAGLE is now part of the Autodesk family. That means a bigger, stronger development team – which in turn means we can make improvements more regularly, to keep you ahead of the technology curve.

So we’re excited to announce that EAGLE is now available for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Why It Makes Sense

We know it’s not easy paying a lump sum for software updates every few years. It can be hard on your budget, and you never know when you need to have funds ready for the next upgrade.

And that’s why we made the change.

Our goal for the future is simple – make PCB design software accessible and affordable for every engineer. Everywhere. Whether you’re a student, a hobbyist or a professional. With EAGLE available as a subscription, we’re not only closer to our goal, we believe we can get you closer to yours.

Here’s how:

  • Continuous updates. Our development team is working full-time to bring you lots more updates in 2017 and beyond. With an EAGLE Subscription, you’ll get these carefully planned updates and features for no additional cost.
  • Better support. Through our new family at Autodesk, we’re also able to offer dedicated support. With as many as 4 million EAGLE customers out there, we’re building you the support team you deserve.
  • Budget friendly. Most importantly, with straightforward monthly or yearly pricing, a subscription allows us to make EAGLE affordable for all. For professionals, that means you won’t need a CapEx budget for your tools. For hobbyists, it works out less than your daily cup of coffee.


How It Works

If you’re familiar with other Subscription-based tools, like Autodesk Fusion 360, there are no surprises here. But if you’re new to this approach, this is how an EAGLE Subscription works:

  1. You pay. A simple monthly or yearly subscription payment gets you started.
  2. You save. We deliver every new update automatically – for less than a daily latte.
  3. You make. Anything you want – after all, you’ll have the latest PCB design technologies at your disposal.

What It Costs

Pricing is simple, too. Choose to pay monthly or yearly, depending on what’s easiest for you. Then select an EAGLE Subscription plan from the table below:


For professionals, this has the advantage of simplifying the budget approval for one of your most essential design tools. For others, well, if you’re a coffee-lover, the affordability illustration below could be a wake-up call!


What You Get

Since joining the Autodesk family we’ve been releasing a steady stream of updates. Version 7.7 brought added power to your manufacturing process, and with today’s Autodesk EAGLE release, we’ve set our focus on improving EAGLE’s schematic editing, PCB layout, and design reuse capabilities. All these new features you can read about in the Autodesk EAGLE release blog.

And for the future? We’ve lots more in the pipeline. Here’s just a small glimpse of what you can look forward to in 2017:


True Mechanical Integration

We’re making it simple to get your designs over into your mechanical tool at the click of a button. No extra STEPs required.

New & Improved UI/UX

We’re making EAGLE even easier to use with a new UI & UX by building on what already makes EAGLE great – no-nonsense usability.

One-Click Manufacturing

We’re teaming up with manufacturers so you can turn your completed designs into a physical board – in a single click.

How you made it possible

We hope we’ve covered all you need to know about the new EAGLE Subscription. But that’s enough about us. More important is you.

We believe in making PCB design as easy, accessible and affordable as it can be, and this change helps us do that. However, if it wasn’t for the millions of EAGLE users around the world supporting us for the last 25 years, this evolution would not have been possible.

So thank you, from everyone at the EAGLE team. We’re excited about the future, and hope you are too.

And if you’re ready to get started right now, head to our store to purchase an EAGLE Subscription.




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