Model and analyze rail projects efficiently

Speed the planning, design, and delivery of transit stations and rail networks.

Rail design

What you can do with Civil 3D

  • Video: Silent screencast showing use of the Alignment Layout tool palette on a drawing of a rail yard and station

    Alignments and profiles

    Use rail alignments to create rail lines with common stationing based on specified tolerances that adjust with changes to parent rail alignment geometry, profile, and cant. (video: 1:46 min.)

  • Drawing of rail station with draw turnout tool palette open

    Special trackwork design

    Design turnouts for branching alignments and crossover switches connecting parallel alignments based on a library of turnout and crossover types that you can edit, delete, or supplement.

  • Video: Silent screencast that shows the tools for building a track corridor in the Civil 3D user interface

    Corridor modeling

    Build 3D track corridor models including alignments, profiles, and assemblies. Incorporate designs for switches, turnouts, platforms, and calculations for cant. (video: 54 sec.)

  • Video: Silent screencast that shows the tools for designing platform edges in the Civil 3D user interface

    Platform edge design

    Design platform edges for light or heavy rail using single or dual platform subassemblies with a dynamically updating platform edge running along a track. (video: 1:01 min.)

  • Video: Silent screencast that shows the design automation tools available in the Civil 3D user interface

    Design Automation

    Use visual programming to generate scripts that automate repetitive and complex tasks including electrification, signaling, and other system elements. (video: 2:42 min.)

Workflows and use cases

  • Video: Optimize and enhance the rail design process using the tools in the AEC Collection

    Civil 3D + ReCap Pro + InfraWorks + Revit

    Establish context and perform conceptual and detailed designs of horizontal and vertical structures. (video: 2:18 min.)

  • Partially rendered model of aerodynamically shaped high-speed train on ground floor of large terminal building

    Trends in the future of rail

    High-speed rail, VR, mobility simulation, and other trends are affecting the future of rail design.

See how people are using Civil 3D for rail design

Video: Arcadis used design automation to deliver a large light rail renovation project in record time


Saving time with automation

By automating the design in a light rail renovation project, Arcadis was able to adjust the design with just one click.

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