Post-process, simulate, and optimize CNC machining code

CAMplete software helps you simulate your CAM process and identify common machine-related problems. Choose TruePath for multi-axis CNC milling machines or TurnMill for Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machines.

TruePath and TurnMill common features

  • PowerMill CAM software interface showing a dedicated plug-in to help export data into CAMplete TruePath

    Works with CAM software

    Import data files from different CAM software products before simulating, verifying, and exporting safe G-code.

  • Simulating the 5-axis machining of a manifold inside CAMplete TruePath

    Reliable G-code verification

    CAMplete uses models supplied by the machine manufacturer, resulting in highly accurate verification.

  • CAMplete TruePath interface simulating a machining program and highlighting a machine collision in red

    Detect collisions and overtravel

    Quickly identify potential crashes, near-misses, overtravel, and setup errors to help avoid downtime and costly repairs.

  • CAMplete TruePath interface showing a graphical representation of the motion of the linear and rotary axes of a CNC machine

    Analyze machine motion

    Check the motion of individual linear and rotary machine axes to highlight problems that could affect part quality.

  • CAMplete TruePath interface with editable options to control the output when post-processing NC code

    Optimize G-code files

    Modify key machine parameters for each G-code file before export to make better use of your CNC hardware.

  • CAMplete TruePath user interface showing the simulation of cutting moves and non-cutting connections in a 5-axis machining program

    Visualize machine interpolation

    Validate the full CNC machining process, including cutting motion, connection moves, and tool changes.

TruePath features

  • CAMplete TruePath user interface showing a post-processed NC code file with color coded blocks of commands

    Proven post-processors

    Output high-quality G-code using proven post-processors developed in partnership with machine tool builders.

  • CAMplete TruePath user interface showing rotary and tilt axis control options

    Advanced rotary controls

    Control how the rotary axes behave on your machine to avoid unexpected or hazardous movements.

  • CAMplete TruePath user interface showing the selection of a CNC machine from a list of different machines

    Change CNC machine

    Safely run proven programs on alternate machines, even those with different kinematics or controllers.

  • Editable post-processors

    Make changes to post-processor files to adjust your G-code output and run your CNC machines the way you need.

  • G-code comparison

    Compare edited G-code files against your original machining NC projects to identify costly mistakes early.

  • Stock comparison

    Compare the intended CAD model against virtual stock to spot differences and avoid costly mistakes.

TurnMill features

  • CAMplete TurnMill user interface showing the simulation of a Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machine tool

    Multi-tasking machines

    Simulation, verification, and post-processing specifically developed for Nakamura-Tome machines.

  • CAMplete TurnMill user interface showing the simulation of machining operations on the upper and lower turrets of a Nakamura-Tome CNC machine

    Machine synchronization

    Synchronize the motion of turrets, main and sub-spindles, live tooling, and part transfers on multi-tasking machines.

  • CAMplete TurnMill user interface showing a timeline representation of machining operations working on the upper and lower turrets of a CNC machine

    Time-based optimization

    Analyze multi-tasking operations and subroutines to improve efficiency and reduce overall machining cycle times.

  • Flexible process development

    Modify entire operations and reassign tooling to different machining positions to shorten development times.

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