BIM Collaborate Pro for Government features

Cloud collaboration with advanced security

Design collaboration

Manage real-time, multidiscipline data using project-based workflows in one environment. Share and view statuses of packages across different project roles, leading to better connectivity, communication, and project transparency.

Secure shared access to design data

Easily review designs in a web browser. Administer teams, projects, and accounts in one place. Secure access to relevant data with automated control to keep teams focused by using robust access permissions.

Centralized issue tracking

Increase accountability and track and resolve issues from a single centralized list. Connect design, coordination, and construction throughout the project's lifetime to effectively collaborate and resolve tasks related to safety, constructability, quality, and more.

Project activity tracking

Use the timeline view to let design leads easily see dates and view the contents of shared design packages and data. Create and consume packages on multidisciplinary projects using one interface.

Revit Cloud Worksharing

Move worksharing to the cloud for faster, smoother Revit co-authoring. Use BIM data to improve downstream constructability.