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Licensing options

Autodesk offers two types of subscription access, each with its own licensing technology.

Stand-alone licenses (included in subscriptions with single-user access)

Single-user access is a good choice for organizations that need one or more stand-alone licenses. These licenses are assigned to individual users and can’t be shared. Customers must connect to the internet every 30 days to validate their Autodesk ID. These subscriptions cost less than subscriptions with multi-user access.

You can sign in to your Autodesk Account from anywhere, and download and install the software assigned to you from any device. So, for example, you can use your Autodesk product on your work computer and also on your personal computer at home.

To subscribe with single-user access, subscribe online

Network licenses (included in subscriptions with multi-user access)

Multi-user access is a good choice for companies with multiple teams that need access to the same software deployed through network licenses. Network licenses aren’t assigned to individual users and can be shared. Network licenses do not require an internet connection to activate or use.

A subscription with multi-user access supports the use of Autodesk products up to a maximum number of users, or seats, connected to a server network. The products can be installed on as many computers as you want. However, you can use the software simultaneously only on the number of purchased seats. For example, if you have 6 subscriptions seats and 8 users, all users have access, but only 6 can use the product at any one time. Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of subscription seats purchased, you get true floating licenses across your entire organization.

To subscribe with multi-user access, find an Autodesk partner

Using the Network License Manager

Administrators must install the Network License Manager (NLM) to assign licenses to users, up to the number of seats purchased. If all network licenses are in use, no more computers can run the Autodesk product until a license is returned to the NLM. The NLM supports 3 server models. When purchasing a subscription with multi-user access, you specify and set up the server model that best suits your needs.

  • Single-license server model – The most basic of the 3 options, the NLM is installed on only one server, so all license management and activity occur on one location. A single license file represents the total number of licenses available on the server.

  • Distributed-license server model – Licenses are divided across more than one server, each containing a unique license file representing a portion of your total number of licenses. Because the NLM is installed on each server, you can distribute all license activity and management among the number of servers that best suits your needs. Servers do not need to be on the same subnet. If one server fails, the licenses on the remaining servers are still available.

  • Redundant-license server model – All licenses are configured on 3 different servers. Each server contains the same license file, so all software licenses are available on each server. The NLM is installed on each server and can monitor and issue licenses as long as at least 2 of the 3 servers are operational. All 3 servers must be on the same subnet and have consistent network communications. (Slow, erratic, or dial-up connections aren’t supported.)

Learn more about choosing a network license server model

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