1 hr.

Workflow Management 2: Change Requests in Upchain

Module overview

Explore the capabilities of the Change request workflow and discuss some possibilities for what you can include in your workflows. We’ll build an example workflow that incorporates additional checks by Upchain and by team members before releasing an item, and also look at how to create a workflow to obsolete an item.    

This content takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. By the end, you should be able to:

  • Build a Change request workflow that can check item attributes and files, include multiple decision points, and finally release items
  • Ensure this workflow is publishable by Upchain
  • Explain that Upchain can only check for the presence of certain data, not its validity
  • Briefly describe what the Object decision primitive, Decision primitive, and System primitive can do in a Change request workflow
  • Explain the purpose of obsoleting an item
  • Build a Change request workflow that can obsolete items that are in development

Module outline

  • Planning and Building Automated Item Checks