Launch into BIM with the fundamentals

Level up with Revit

Discover top Revit learning guides for new users, and explore how Revit works with BIM and CAD software in the AEC Collection.

Begin with the basics

Not sure where to begin? Check out three essential guides for new Revit users.

A computer-generated model of a multi-level home with a red roof "

Revit Quick Start Guide

Learn Revit concepts for architecture, structure, and MEP and take a tour of the user interface.

A close-up view of the keyboard shortcuts interface within the Revit product

Revit shortcuts guide

Boost your productivity by using predefined keyboard shortcuts or creating your own.

A stylized illustration featuring AutoCAD imagery on the left and Revit imagery on the right joined by a zipper in the middle

AutoCAD and Revit interoperability guide

Learn to use Revit with AutoCAD to manage 2D and 3D project deliverables.

Round urban cityscape rendering with construction sites, skyscrapers, roads, cars, trains, and other infrastructure

AEC Collection: BIM and CAD for any task

For little more than the price of Revit, get a comprehensive set of BIM and CAD software, including Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Autodesk Docs, and more. Use the AEC Collection to design and deliver buildings and infrastructure from concept to close-out, with seamless collaboration for AEC teams.

Learn about the AEC Collection

Try additional CAD and BIM products with Revit and upgrade your BIM experience with the multi-product workflows of the AEC Collection.

A drafting view in Revit showing a wall assembly

Coordination and production

Combine AutoCAD with Revit to quickly deliver accurate documentation for any project.


A 3D, simple-shape rendering of a complex of commercial building

Early-stage design

Be both informed and effective in your conceptual design. Sketch simply in FormIt Pro and refine with powerful tools for analysis and automation.

A 3D rendering of a multilevel building with each level represented as a different color

Integrated structural analysis

Leverage structural workflows to efficiently analyze, revise, and refine model-based designs with Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

Start the path to Revit certification

Explore Learning Pathways for architects and engineers. Leverage skill-builder and certification prep courses to learn industry-relevant, in-demand skills.

Ground level view of glass curved rotunda

Architectural design

Learn to develop, document, and coordinate projects in BIM and in 3D on your path toward Autodesk Professional Certification in Revit.

Close up view of blue structural steel connections

Structural design

Start your path to becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional in structural design with courses in Revit families and parameters and 3D modeling foundations.

Close up view of intricate mechanical ductwork

Mechanical design

Explore courses and build skills for modeling system design and analysis and take your first steps toward becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional in mechanical design.

An electrical hub with orange boxes and a control center

Electrical design

Learn workflows and modeling standards for managing electrical circuits and take courses toward becoming an Autodesk Certified Profession in electrical design.

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