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User licensing data security

When you first sign in and authorize Autodesk products and services, Autodesk collects identifiers such as unique device identifiers, IP addresses, product IDs, product licenses, and account usernames. We also collect electronic information, such as operating systems, product use, and geolocation information, and send this information to Autodesk servers. See the Autodesk Privacy Statement (US site) for more information about personal data processed by Autodesk.


In addition to data collection for named user licensing purposes, we obtain personal data in different ways to provide Autodesk’s services. For example, some personal data is collected directly from you, such as when you sign up for an account or use a product, register a product or service, sign up for our newsletter, or one of our events, or otherwise contact us. Other data is automatically collected or generated about how, when, and why you interact with our products. We also obtain certain data about you from third parties such as affiliates and business partners. We use your personal data mindfully, and in useful ways, as described in the Autodesk Privacy Statement (US site).

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How is the data collected and stored?

The data is stored for compliance and reporting purposes in systems that follow Autodesk security and privacy guidelines (US Site). If a data incident involving personal data, applicable breach notification laws determine the type of notification required and its timeline. Read more about our incident response measures (US Site).

How are user credentials safely transferred and stored?

Users authenticate to the identity service using their Autodesk ID, which enforces encryption in transit through HTTPS using TLS version 1.2 encryption and requires that each customer user has a unique email and password for authentication. 
You may also choose to enable multifactor authentication for your organization or if you are on a qualifying Autodesk plan, you can integrate with Autodesk single sign-on (SSO) if you have a SAML-based identity provider (for example, ADFS or PingFederate). All user passwords are stored as a one-way salted hash.

What are the specific IP addresses and the physical locations of the Autodesk servers for named user licensing?

For security reasons, the physical locations of the Autodesk servers are not published. The licensing service does not store the data it collects for licensing purposes beyond the time necessary for troubleshooting, per Autodesk’s data retention guidelines. For longer-term compliance and reporting purposes, the data is stored in other systems, which follow Autodesk security and privacy guidelines (US Site).

How does Autodesk secure its infrastructure for named user licensing?

The Autodesk Security framework was designed following industry standards to maintain consistent security practices, enabling us to build secure, run secure, and stay secure. This framework applies to all of Autodesk’s security program, including the infrastructure on which our named user licensing runs. Learn more about Autodesk’s security program at our Trust Center (US Site).

What are the supported proxy configurations for named user licensing?

Are there any third-party application or firewall solutions not compatible with Autodesk’s named-user licensing?

I am using a Firewall or proxy, or both, in my organization. Which are the domains or protocols that allow for named user licensing to work?

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