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Track team activity

In Autodesk Account, admins can use the activity log to track the history of their team activity. You can find information about team events such as product assignments, role assignments, subscription changes, adding and removing users from groups, and many other activities.  


Note: Activities related to hubs and projects related to events are not currently displayed. 

To access the activity log for your team: 

  1. Sign into Autodesk Account at 

  2. Select Reporting > Activity Log.   



  4. At the top of the activity log, select a Team.   


The activity log lists the date and time and a description of each event in the history of the team you select.

Using filters


After you choose a team to track, you can use filters to narrow down the listed results. 



You can apply filters for one or more of the following:

  • Date. Filter on a specific day by setting only a starting date on the drop-down calendar. Set both a starting and ending date to filter on a range.
  • Event. Select one or more events from the drop-down menu. Examples of events are group created, product assigned to user, role assigned to user, and team created. There are many more.
  • User. Start typing the name of one of your users and then select a name that appears. As with the other filters, you can select multiple names. When you add a new user to the team, the selection list is populated with their name.
  • Group. Start typing the name of one of your groups and then select a group that appears. You can select multiple groups. When you add a new group, the selection list is populated with the name.
  • Product. Start typing the name of a product and select a product. You can select multiple products.

Using search


You can find the event you’re looking for by searching on keywords embedded in the activity description. For example, you could find all events involving 3ds Max by typing “3ds Max” in the search box. You can also search using the email address of a team member associated with an event. By combining filters with search, you have powerful tools for finding the information you need. 



What kinds of activities show up in the activity log?

The log displays all activities that an admin performs to manage their Autodesk product users. These include:

  • Team activities
    • Team creation, name updates, merges
  • Group activities
    • Group creation, updates
  • User activities
    • Add/remove user to/from team
    • Add/remove user to/from group
    • Bulk updates
    • Role changes
    • Assignment activities
    • Assign/unassign users to/from products
    • Bulk updates
    • Group product assignments
  • SSO activities
    • Directory sync set up

Note: See the FAQ below about activities not yet included in the Activity Log.

What maximum duration are logs are maintained for a team?

Activity logs are stored for a maximum of one year and deleted after that.

Are logs updated in real time? 

No, but you can refresh the display by clicking Refresh. It usually takes a couple of minutes for the logs to be updated with new activity.

From what date are activity logs available?

Activities will be displayed from October 18, 2023. You can expect to see your team’s activities  from that date. Activities older than that won’t be available in the log.

Are logs sorted and displayed based on event timestamps?

Events are handled according to the sequence in which they are received.

Does the activity log include events from the old user management system (NAMU)?

No, the activity log includes only user management activities performed by admins for their Autodesk Team. 

Are activities performed by Autodesk on my behalf displayed in the activity log?

Yes, when Autodesk support updates your team data, the activity is reflected in the log with an actor name that includes "Autodesk.”

Can we export logs from the activity log? 

No, the activity log doesn’t currently support exporting logs.

What activities are not yet included in the activity log?

Autodesk will continually enhance the activity log and is planning to include more activities. Here are just two examples of activities which aren’t currently included but may be added in the future:

  • Resending invitations to Autodesk team members
  • Events coming from hubs and projects associated with your Autodesk team. For example, events related to Fusion teams, Flow Production Tracking sites, and BIM/ACC accounts.

Are the timestamps in the log based on the owner's location? 

Yes, the timestamps recorded in the log are based on the owner's location.

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