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Autodesk Community is your place to share your knowledge, start a discussion, and be inspired by designers and makers like you. Find out how you can get involved, give back, and connect with the community on topics that matter to you.

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Share your favorite workflows, showcase your projects and impact, and participate in panel discussions on industry topics and trends in our community webinars. Sign up to take part in a future webinar or propose one on a topic of your own.

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Start a discussion on the Community Blog

Contribute to our community member blog to share your workflows and projects, show how you made an impact, and discuss the latest industry insights, topics, and trends.

Share your insights in Community Tips

Add your know-how to our living library of bite-sized, community-contributed Autodesk product tips —from technical insights and how-to knowledge to shortcuts, timesavers, and tricks.

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Give community members a helping hand on their Autodesk journey by answering questions and sharing what you know on more than 160 product- and industry-based discussion boards in ten languages.

Why contribute to Autodesk Community?

Give back

Share your expertise and help others to solve problems, learn, and grow. You can earn Community Badges and Rewards along the way, too.

Build your reputation

Develop your public profile and extend your network by contributing to your field and adding your voice to the industry discussions that matter to you.

Make progress together

Help drive impact and innovation for your community and make a difference in your industry by sharing your knowledge and experience.

What to contribute to Autodesk Community

Share your knowledge

Help others by sharing your insights and experience.

  • How to get started on a product or feature
  • Share your best practices, favorite tools and techniques
  • Demo your workflows, customizations, and tips

Showcase your stories

Inspire others by sharing how you made an impact and how you got there.

  • How you solved a problem, designed a solution, and made a difference 
  • How you got your start, your career journey, and what you've learned
  • How community has been part of your journey

Start a discussion

Add your voice to the industry topics and trends that matter to you.

  • How workflows are changing in your industry 
  • Emerging technologies, automations, and adaptations
  • Diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and mentorship

How to start contributing to Autodesk Community

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More ways to get involved

Autodesk Research Community

Influence the future of your Autodesk experience by helping us understand your needs and shape the products and services you use every day.

Autodesk Feedback Community

Work with Autodesk product teams to provide feedback on software and services through pre-release product validation and participating in product testing.

Autodesk Ideas

Share your ideas for improving Autodesk products with the teams that make them and submit requests for the features that you would like to see.