InfoWorks ICM

Modeling for more sustainable sewers

Better understand and optimize your sanitary sewer infrastructure with true-to-scale models and cloud-based simulations.

City map showing InfoWorks ICM sanitary sewer overlay

Defend against sewer overflows

InfoWorks ICM is integrated storm and wastewater modeling software for catchments of all kinds. It’s an impactful tool in the hands of water managers with sewers to maintain and communities to protect.

Download the infographic to see how InfoWorks ICM can help you fortify sewer systems and mitigate the risk of dangerous overflows.

Engineer working in InfoWorks software

Understand risk, model for resilience

InfoWorks ICM is packed with capabilities to help you understand and mitigate the risk of overflows, such as: 

  • Customizable digital twins that match your infrastructure and its unique challenges, no matter the size or complexity. 
  • Cloud-based simulations for testing resilience in any scenario, from 100-year rainfall events to flow capacity during floods. 
  • Workgroup functionality so your team can share data, flag errors, and make edits in the same model from anywhere, anytime.

Tackle your sanitary sewer challenges with help from an expert

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