Machine Learning meets Drainage Design

Building more resilient and sustainable water systems for all, with help from Autodesk AI.

Machine Learning Deluge

Predict flood maps quickly and accurately when applying water on the site surface, all while leveraging new built-in artificial intelligence.

The power of AI in the hands of drainage designers

Faster site analysis

InfoDrainage’s ML Deluge tool can analyze and predict channeling and ponding, enabling more informed decision making in the drainage design process. 


Enhanced model stability

Machine learning algorithms are not vulnerable to hydraulic modelling instabilities as no equations are being solved to establish where the water is.


Iterative design

Enable iterative, interactive, and real-time modification, encouraging users to make a change, get instant feedback on the flood map, understand the impact, and implement improvements to the design.


Generating responsive flood maps with the Machine Learning Deluge Tool

InfoDrainage 2025 delivers additional functionality to Machine Learning Deluge, allowing users to stamp ponds and swales directly onto the surface and generate updated flood maps within the deluge analysis.

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