Design and Make with certainty

Autodesk Informed Design for Revit lets you access real-time building product details as you design in Revit – to reduce rework, lower your costs, and boost project quality.

Say goodbye to design-phase guesswork

Say goodbye to design-phase guesswork

Let us show you how leveraging manufacturer-supplied data in real-time using Informed Design helps you design more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Increase efficiency, reduce risk, and grow your firm

Improve design quality

Access real-time building product details during design, for immediate validation and the ability to accelerate design cycles.


Reduce rework and delays

Design with products that reflect the manufacturer's specifications to reduce potential errors, rework, and delays in the construction phase. 


Increase workload capacity

Reuse the same pre-validated products throughout your design project (or several projects) – to save time and increase capacity for your team.


How Informed Design Helps Green Canopy NODE build the future of housing

How Informed Design Helps Green Canopy NODE build the future of housing

See how this sustainable-housing builder uses Informed Design for Revit and Informed Design for Inventor to speed and improve projects by connecting architects and mechanical engineers around a catalog of known-manufacturable Building Kits.

How Informed Design for Revit and Inventor connects design and make

Rendering Author & publish

Manufacturers upload product data with Informed Design for Inventor

Product engineers at building product manufacturers add the specs, capabilities, and constraints of their building products into Inventor.


Rendering Customer and Place

Designers find building components

These manufacturers’ product details are discoverable in Revit, where designers can review them, check compatibility, and add them to their Revit designs.



Rendering Automate Outputs

Production engineers automate documentation

Because they now have all relevant component data, production engineers can automatically output key project documentation – fabrication drawings, BOMs, etc.


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