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Top trends to watch

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Players can access a wide range of diverse games

Cloud gaming services and subscription models are giving players more access and choices. This has increased demand, prompting studios to expand and diversify their offerings.


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Highly realistic and complex games require new solutions

Game developers need increasingly powerful tools and efficient workflows to create realistic and expansive worlds that add to narratives and captivate players.


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AI has become a must-have tool

From content generation and NPC behaviors to workflow automation, the applications of AI are limitless. Autodesk is working on several AI tools to help developers advance their workflows.


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Data security is crucial for remote work

Studios are adopting asset management platforms and secure review solutions like Flow Capture for remote workflows and data protection.


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Autodesk Developer Summit at GDC

Discover what topics were top of mind at GDC. Session recordings are available here.
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FINAL FANTASY XVI: Wrangling complexity

SQUARE ENIX gave an inside look at their strategies for reducing workload and complexity while enhancing the quality of FINAL FANTASY XVI.


Image courtesy of © SQUARE ENIX

Maximize Efficiency and Creativity with AI

Sloyd delved into exciting advancements in 3D AI and how it can enhance the process of building complex game assets.


Image courtesy of Sloyd

Harnessing the Power of Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV)

Vertigo Games shared how they used Arcturus’ AVV Codec, Autodesk Maya, and MotionBuilder to achieve next-level realism for The 7thGuest.


Image courtesy of Vertigo Games

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Watch our 2024 Games Showreel

Celebrating extraordinary game creators who craft immersive worlds and compelling characters, captivating gamers globally and transforming the every day into digital magic.

Our games showreel highlights the creatives who transport players into alternate realms, all powered by Autodesk Design & Make software.

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Optimizing game pipelines with USD

You’ve heard of USD, but is this open-source technology suitable for games? In this panel discussion featuring Eidos Montreal and NetEase Games, gain insight into the challenges USD can solve for game studios, how they're experimenting with USD, and how they see it evolving in the future. 

Solutions for game development's toughest challenges

Sports cars in "Forza Horizon 5"

Unlock potential with unmatched tools

Keep players satisfied with immersive gameplay experiences that raise the visual bar. Our game development software is production-proven and designed to handle large data sets. Our tools are used industry-wide by artists in professional games studios and attract top talent with dedicated onboarding, training, and community resources. 


Discover how Playground Games produced scalable content for Xbox and PC for "Forza Horizon 5."

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Still of eye and reflection from "Cyberpunk 2077"

Create unforgetable environments and characters

Deliver top-quality results with powerful and versatile tools for worldbuilding, asset creation, and animation. 3ds Max's robust modeling toolset empowers artists to create immersive environments and worlds. Maya's rigging and animation capabilities give you full creative control to achieve hyper-realistic character and facial animations. 


Find out how CD PROJEKT RED creates its blockbuster games assets for "Cyberpunk 2077."

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Futuristic yellow vehicle, Image courtesy of Epic Games

Optimize your pipeline with automation

With integrated OpenUSD workflows, users can quickly load files and collaborate seamlessly across Autodesk and third-party solutions. Maya's highly customizable animation toolset can be extended and scripted to match the specific pipeline requirements of your game, boosting productivity and efficiency.


PlatinumGames Inc. reveals how they optimized their workflows with the help of Bifrost.

Image courtesy of Epic Games