Autodesk Education

Connect with an Autodesk Certified Instructor

Enrich your curriculum without a heavy lift

Get up to speed on teaching Autodesk Fusion software


Connect with an Autodesk Certified Instructor—for free. When you collaborate with these credentialed professionals, you will:

  • Learn from experts who are recognized for their delivery, instructional skills, and product mastery needed to meet industry standards.
  • Receive high-quality, ready-to-use learning pathways and projects that make it easier to teach CAD/CAM/CAE and engineering concepts in new and innovative ways with Autodesk Fusion.
  • Help your students develop the skills modern employers want and prepare them for the future of design and manufacturing.





This offer is available to secondary educators in the US and UK and to post-secondary educators in the US, UK, IN, DE, and JP who are teaching engineering, manufacturing, or machining. Requests are subject to availability, which is determined by Autodesk. Offer is fulfilled by an applicable Autodesk Learning Partner. Locate a Learning Partner in your area.