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  AutoCAD LT 2014
AutoCAD 2015
AutoCAD 2014
AutoCAD 2014 for Mac
Price for 1 license* $ SRP† $ SRP†
Command line
Multifunctional grips
Dynamic input
Auto-complete command entry1
Hide and isolate objects
Create and select similar objects
Delete duplicate objects
Properties palette
Quick view
In-canvas viewport controls
Editable UCS icon
Layer tools2
Layer groups
Full-screen mode
Layer state manager4
Quick properties palette  
New layer notification  
Quick select
Tool palettes
Navigation bar  
AutoCorrect command entry  
File tabs5  
New tab5  
Ribbon gallery  
Lasso selection
Command preview
Resizable modelspace viewports
Coverflow navigation  
Multi-touch gestures  


Geometry and measurement tools
Parametric constraints
Associative arrays
Copy array
Object and layer transparency
Strike-through text
Blend curves
Multiple hatch editing
Sheet set manager6
Dynamic blocks
Model documentation tools  
Table style editing  
Hatch creation preview  
Multiline style creation  
Digitizer integration  
Change space  
Express tools7  
Geographic location  
Autobullets and numbering  
Mtext match properties  
Mtext superscript and subscript tools  
Caps lock detection  


Solid, surface, and mesh modeling
Surface curve extraction
Autodesk materials library
Basic rendering
Sun properties8
Visual styles8
Material creation, editing, and mapping  
Advanced rendering settings  
Camera creation  

ReCap point cloud tool

Walkthroughs, flybys, and animations  
Point cloud manager, cropping, and object snaps  
3D Orbit Target  
High-resolution graphics  
OpenGL Core Profile support  


External references (DWG™)
TrustedDWG™ technology
Image underlays
PDF underlays
In-place editing of DWG references
Batch publish
Publish or plot to PDF
Plot styles
Plot style table editor
Autodesk 360 connectivity6
SAT import and export
DWF underlays  
DGN underlays  
Data links  
Data extraction  
Markup Set Manager  
dbConnect manager  
WMF import and export  
FBX import and export  
Additional model import  
Design feed  
Import SketchUp files (SKP)  
Text Align  
Design feed with local drawing storage  
Autodesk translation framework11  
Stand-alone licensing
Network licensing
Cross-platform licensing
Online license transfer utility


CUI files (customizable menus, buttons, toolsets/toolbars)
Command aliases
Autodesk Exchange Apps12
Secure load
Ribbon customization*  
Right-click menus, keyboard shortcuts, and double-click customization  
DCL dialogs  
Action recorder and action macros  
Reference manager (standalone application)  
Custom dictionaries  
Password-protected drawings  
Digital signatures  
User profiles  
Migration tools  
CAD standards tools  
CUI import and export  
Autodesk BIM 360 Add-in  
Autodesk Application Manager
Performance Reporting  

*This is a proprietary Microsoft technology/feature that does not run natively on Mac.

1 Auto-complete may include commands and system variables that are not currently defined for Mac. System variables for missing features may still be editable but will have no effect if the accompanying feature is not included. They have been kept to help preserve scripting compatibility.

2 Unavailable commands include LAYCUR, LAYDEL, LAYMRG, LAYWALK, and LAYVPI.

AutoCAD for Mac has Content Palette, which is roughly the functional equivalent of DesignCenter.

4 Fundamental layer state operations can still be performed using the State option in the LAYER command or using the layer state AutoLISP functions.

5 On a Mac, floating windows are used to display multiple documents.

6 On a Mac, Project Manager is the functional equivalent of Sheet Set Manager.

7 Some former Express Tools, including OVERKILL, are now included in the core feature set for both Windows and Mac.

8 On a Mac, these are found in the Properties Inspector. New visual styles may be created with VISUALSTYLES.

9 On a Mac, Autodesk 360 support only includes file sync.

10 On a Mac, Package Drawing is the functional equivalent of eTransmit.

11 AutoCAD for Mac uses ATF, but does not yet support all the formats supported by ATF on Windows.

12 AutoCAD for Mac currently supports only Autodesk Exchange Apps that specifically indicate Mac compatibility.

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