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Improve decisions with infrastructure modeling

InfraWorks 360 LT is a subscription entitlement. As part of your subscription or maintenance plan for Infrastructure Design Suite Premium and Ultimate or Building Design Suite Ultimate, you have access to Autodesk InfraWorks 360 LT that provides foundational sketching and modeling capabilities for infrastructure professionals.

Convey preliminary design intent through 3D visualization, increasing stakeholder buy-in and improving a team’s ability to make decisions.


Model the existing environment

Create a 3D model of the existing environment to generate data-rich design concepts that support faster decision making and stakeholder buy-in. Generate 3D models for small to large areas by bringing together different types of data from different sources. Work seamlessly with data from a variety of native formats and coordinate systems.
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Sketch and lay out designs

Add details such as roads, bridges, and buildings that make your models and infrastructure planning proposals more realistic and easier to understand.

As you sketch, enter a specific value or drag to the desired size. Information about the feature size appears and updates. Additions can include: barriers, bridges, buildings, coverage areas, pipelines, railways, roads, and water.
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Create realistic visuals

Better communicate design concepts with photorealistic rendering tools that add dynamic sun and shadows, more realistic water, and animated clouds. Visual effects tools enable you to interactively alter the display of your model.

Examples include:

  • Ambient occlusion: Enable surrounding features to throw soft shadows on neighboring features.
  • Settings: Adjust the placement of the sun in your model.
  • Surface opacity: Make the surface transparent to see features below the terrain.
  • Animated clouds: Show slow or faster-moving cloud coverage.

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Conduct site analysis

Perform comprehensive environmental analysis to help determine potential impacts by bringing together different types of data from different sources.

  • Accurately perform slope or aspect analysis on terrain.
  • Create thematic maps and geographic buffers, and perform layer overlay analysis.
  • Apply analysis standards across the organization.

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Measure distances and areas

Analyze the visibility of design elements from different locations to help determine optimal locations for placement. Highlight items that are visible within the viewport from a position that you select to easily determine what can be seen from a particular location in the landscape.
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Perform shadow and lighting analysis

Conduct real-time lighting analysis by specifying a location and time of day and year to predict how shadows could affect your project proposal. Analyze sun shadows throughout a period of time. See how shadows change over the course of a year, and capture that information in your videos.
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Create theme palettes

Visually classify assets according to their attributes. For example, highlight traffic emissions along streets and power usage of buildings. With InfraWorks, you can use themes to visually classify terrain by elevation, slope, or aspect. You can also classify point clouds by elevation and classify feature properties.
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InfraWorks software is available as part of your Desktop or Maintenance Subscription for Infrastructure Design Suite Premium and Ultimate and Building Design Suite Ultimate.

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Get more functionality with InfraWorks 360

Automate the creation of models, collaborate on projects in the cloud, and extend your design capabilities with access to specialized tools for roadway, drainage, and bridge design.
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