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Flame Premium

Integrated end-to-end creative finishing

Flame® Premium creative finishing software for high-end post-production includes all the Flame products in a collaborative workflow. With Flame Premium, lead artists can oversee projects from the artist-driven visual environment. Flame artists and assistants can perform finishing tasks at the same time.

Autodesk Flame VFX software

Tools for fast and interactive visual effects finishing and 3D compositing.

Autodesk Flame Assist software

Flame Assist
A timeline-centric assistant station for Flame.

Autodesk Lustre software

Real-time color grading software for creative look development.

Autodesk Flare software

A creative assistant station for Flame in collaborative VFX workflows.

Flame Premium

Flame Premium can help you meet your artistic and business needs with all the Flame products in a collaborative workflow. (0:53 sec.)



Flame Premium configuration

Gain a high-end toolset for visual effects, creative finishing, and real-time color correction via Flame and the advanced real-time color grading capabilities of Lustre. Share shot-based effects work with other artists working on Flare. Distribute timeline-based tasks to assistants working on Flame Assist. Offer complete, end-to-end creative services to clients in Flame-based facilities.

Collaborative workflow
Flame Premium provides post-production houses a streamlined collaborative process.

  • Individual Flame products can share projects and perform a variety of tasks at the same time for faster turnaround
  • Facilities can better manage workloads by distributing different tasks to different artists
  • Interoperability between the Flame Premium products enables artists to work in individual workspaces within the same project and publish media to shared libraries

Scalable licensing
Easily and cost-effectively increase project throughput and productivity in your facility with additional licenses of Flare and Flame Assist. With flexible licensing options, facilities can add creative and technical Flare and Flame Assist licenses long term or short term to help during peak periods.



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