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Features for Fabrication CAMduct

Duct fabrication software for HVAC manufacturing

Fabrication CAMduct™ is ductwork fabrication software that uses comprehensive libraries of 3D parametric fixtures and fittings and production management features to help you meet manufacturing requirements and more efficiently produce sheet metal components.

Note: Fabrication CAMduct 2016 includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components 2016, Fabrication Tracker 2016, and Fabrication RemoteEntry 2016.

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  • Revit integration New

    Build and edit content and services in Fabrication CAMduct and use them to create fabrication-ready models inside Revit building design software. Create your Building Information Model (BIM) in Revit, export as a .MAJ file, and bring the sheet metal components into Fabrication CAMduct for manufacturing.

  • API New

    The new Fabrication API gives read and write access to common job and job item properties.

  • Custom NC New

    The custom post processor configures NC data for your specific controller. Create a new post processor to meet the demands of your fabrication shop equipment.

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Fabrication CADmep, Fabrication ESTmep, Fabrication CAMduct, and Revit can share the same libraries of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) content, as well as database settings and structure. Design, estimate, detail, coordinate, fabricate, and manufacture sheet metal without conversion or remodelling.

  • Sheet metal component library

    Access a large library of 3D parametric rectangular, round, and oval ductwork components with their associated developments. Component libraries are available in metric or imperial dimensions, and include elements such as connectors, seams, and notches. You can control the requirements of each manufactured component and base them on specifications such as DW144 and SMACNA.

  • Simple graphical interface

    An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) supports easy job entry for both novice and experienced software users.

  • Cloud service

    Sheet metal and linear nesting

    Fabrication CAMduct offers advanced algorithms for more precise nesting and better material utilization. Desktop or in the cloud, this feature automatically attempts to find the best fit for all job items to reduce material waste. Or, opt to manually position components on sheets based on your predetermined settings.

    Linear nesting enables a better understanding of procurement requirements by helping you more accurately see quantities for pipework, spiral ducts, electrical containments, and other ancillary items.

  • NC writing and machine support

    Post processors are built in to write NC for a variety of controller manufacturer machine types to help you control your production line, or create your own using the custom NC feature.

    Send the nested files directly to machines used in the manufacture and production of ductwork and sheet metal components, including burning tables (plasma, laser, or oxy-fuel), coil lines, and insulation cutters (water jet, router, and tangential knife).

  • Advanced job costing tools

    Conduct base level job costing based on a variety of project factors to better understand your bottom line. For more detailed estimating and costing you can link directly to Fabrication ESTmep through shared libraries and databases.

    Fabrication CAMduct enables you to cost jobs based on:

    • Materials
    • Fabrication time
    • Site installation time
    • Multiple labor rates for different skills
    • Number of workers
    • Site-specific difficulty
  • Additional software

    A Fabrication CAMduct 2016 license includes access to CAMduct Components, Tracker, and RemoteEntry. Three tools provide additional input capabilities, helping you track components from fabrication to installation, and remotely request new components from the field.

    • Fabrication CAMduct Components 2016 software adds input stations to help increase the throughput to your production line. The software shares the Fabrication CAMduct libraries and databases, but it does not nest or interface with controllers and machines. It helps increase the productivity of your fabrication shop; jobs created in Fabrication CAMduct Components work with your Fabrication CAMduct station for nesting and manufacturing.
    • Fabrication Tracker 2016 software is a status update and bar code tracking product that provides visibility and transparency. Print labels with bar codes that can be scanned and updated throughout the job to provide clients with real time work tracking. Fabrication Tracker provides direct benefit to the manufacturer, providing progress updates that can support payment applications. Use Fabrication Tracker to help deliver a solid case for proportional payment by showing the client exactly what has been manufactured, delivered, or installed to date.
    • For remote access to the Fabrication CAMduct library and database, use Fabrication RemoteEntry 2016 software in the field. Clients can send components for manufacture from the job for quick issue resolution. Use Fabrication RemoteEntry for remote ordering and send the request directly to the fabrication shop.