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Features for Fabrication CAMduct

Duct fabrication software for HVAC manufacturing

Fabrication CAMduct™ is powerful HVAC manufacturing and ductwork fabrication software, as well as a production management tool used to efficiently produce HVAC systems. Fabrication CAMduct uses comprehensive libraries of 3D parametric fixtures and fittings to help you meet manufacturing requirements.

Note: Fabrication CAMduct 2015 includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components 2015, Fabrication Tracker 2015, and Fabrication RemoteEntry 2015.

Cloud service available with purchase of a perpetual license with Maintenance Subscription or a Desktop Subscription.

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  • New pattern templates New

    Additional patterns templates are available for 2015, including round ductboard, floor drains and cleanouts, vented crossovers, and plugs.

  • Material-specific nesting parameters New

    Users can set different nesting parameters for different materials—such as insulation, ductboard, and sheet metal—to help avoid nesting the job multiple times.

  • QR barcoding New

    For 2015, Fabrication CAMduct software supports QR barcodes to add data-rich barcodes to labels and worksheets.

  • Enhanced Database Export/Import New

    Use a single command for database export and import, as well as optional insulation specifications and sections.

  • Additional software New

    A Fabrication CAMduct 2015 license includes access to CAMduct Components, Tracker, and RemoteEntry.


  • Cloud Service

    Cloud nesting

    Use the power of the cloud to nest a single job using 10 different algorithms simultaneously.

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    All Fabrication products share libraries and databases for more seamless estimating, detailing, fabrication, and installation workflow.

  • Duct fabrication component library

    Access a large library of 3D parametric rectangular, round, and oval ductwork components with their associated developments.

  • Simple graphical interface

    An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) supports easy job entry for both novice and experienced software users.

  • Sheet metal and linear nesting

    Advanced nesting algorithms and options help deliver better material utilization.

  • NC writing and machine support

    With post processors built in to support a variety of machine types, Fabrication CAMduct software can help you control your production line of any size.

  • Advanced job costing tools

    Estimate jobs based on a variety of project factors to better understand your bottom line.