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Speed documentation with 2D drawing software

Improve 2D design documentation with AutoCAD LT® 2D drafting software. Discover the updated modern interface, and save time with 2D CAD productivity enhancements like New Tab, Ribbon galleries, and new Help window functionality.

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  • Refined interface New

    The new interface has a updated look and feel that improves the design process. The darker background makes fine lines, buttons, and text stand out better and helps reduce eyestrain.

  • Ribbon galleries New

    Save time and clicks by accessing drawing content directly from the ribbon. To add a block to your design, for example, hover over the ribbon for a block insertion. You can see thumbnails of all the blocks in the Block gallery, and you can insert your selection right away, without having to move off your drawing into a dialog box. It’s intuitive, visual, and fast.

  • New Tab page New

    Quickly open new and existing drawings, and access a large selection of design elements that help you start on a project. Use the New tab page to open templates, updates from Design feed, or design data residing on the Autodesk 360 cloud application. 

  • Command preview New

    Command preview helps you “undo” less often by catching mistakes before they happen. Preview the outcomes of frequently used commands such as Offset, Fillet, and Trim before you commit to them.

  • Design feed (enhanced)

    You can now use design feed on an intranet, as well as on an Internet or cloud connection. The design and the conversation happen in the same place, but when it's time to send your final drawing, you can choose whether the conversation should be attached. Built-in tools in both eTransmit and File Save workflows can strip the comments, if you like.

  • Online maps (enhanced)

    Access online maps—formerly live maps—directly inside the canvas. Now you can also capture maps as static images for printing. Plot to paper or create PDFs that include the geolocation map.

  • Professional documentation tools

    Capture the precise details of your design with AutoCAD documentation tools. Import models from a wide variety of other formats and automatically generate intelligent CAD documentation.

  • TrustedDWG™ technology

    Confidently share CAD files with TrustedDWG technology. All AutoCAD products use TrustedDWG to store and share design and documentation files. The technology helps ensure that all the elements included in your drawings, and the relationship between those elements, are perfectly maintained.

  • AutoCAD LT for Mac (enhanced)

    New integrated features include dynamic blocks, quick select, layer states, and data links, all in a sleek Mac interface. Compare AutoCAD LT vs. AutoCAD LT for Mac