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AutoCAD Portfolio

Why AutoCAD—and which AutoCAD?

Millions of professionals rely on AutoCAD software to create and share precise drawings using the original DWG™ file format. Explore some of the primary uses of AutoCAD programs to decide which AutoCAD product is right for you.


Key capabilities

Professional 2D drafting and documentation

2D and 3D design and documentation

CAD mobile app lets you view, create, edit, and share DWG drawings on a mobile device.


Single license

Single license or networked

Single license


Access online maps to view designs in real-world settings.

Create and visualize 3D designs with advanced free-form tools.

Create initial design ideas on the fly via a mobile app. 


Efficiently draft, update, and repurpose precise 2D documentation.

Generate precise 3D construction‐ready documentation.

View the most recent set of plans while visiting a job site or client.


Exchange drawings and share comments in real time.

Set up centralized libraries, sheet sets, and tool palettes.

Create a new drawing, or edit an existing one. Collaborate in real time.


Make basic modifications to your work environment.

Tailor AutoCAD extensively with Autodesk Exchange Apps.

Get more storage capacity and features in AutoCAD 360 Pro.


Present precise, detailed 2D drawings to clients and on-site teams.

Use presentation-ready graphics to communicate design ideas.

Access latest drawings on-site for verification and markup via easy-to-use interface.