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Davidson Water leverages InfoWater Pro to prevent problems, make water network improvements, and exceed clean water regulations.

InfoWater Pro

How InfoWater Pro helps Davidson Water’s
business flow

Davidson Water has seen an impressive 36% decrease in leaks over 10 years in their water network. How did it achieve this? By creating a PVC pipe replacement strategy using our innovative hydraulic modeling software for better water management.

Davidson Water's unique water distribution story

Puddles the leak detection dog

Not all pipe breaks and leaks can be avoided, even with every high-tech tool. So, in 2022, Davidson Water added a new tool to its toolbox: Puddles the leak-detection dog. 

To find the best, test

By trying out a bypass check valve in InfoWater Pro to mimic the behavior of water as it continues to pass through the station, Davidson gained additional benefits such as helping to attenuate unforeseen transient surges that may develop in the future.

Should you skeletonize or not?

Modelers completed systemwide transient analysis, without the need to skeletonize, by leveraging InfoWater Pro's advanced surge analysis features in their clean water modeling process. 

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Who is Davidson Water?

Davidson Water is a nonprofit membership-based organization, and is entirely supported by the rates and fees paid by its member customers – no county taxes involved. Created over 50 years ago by enterprising businessmen who realized that this part of the popular Piedmont corridor of commerce and trade would not be able to host more business without reliable access to clean water, Davidson Water provides a stellar example of both water stewardship and a commitment to innovation.  Autodesk chose to highlight Davidson Water's work in this case study.

What is InfoWater Pro used for?

Autodesk InfoWater Pro is a hydraulic modeling application built in ArcGIS Pro that allows users to simulate countless scenarios and perform a wide range of analyses, including fire flow, valve criticality, pipe break, water quality, system curves, and energy usage.

What are digital twins for water?

Digital twins are virtual models of real-world systems that learn and adapt to changing circumstances. They are continuously updated by data and information. In the water industry, digital twins simulate the changing flows, levels, pressures, and controls in our water systems and tell us how well they are performing in the past, now, and in the future, reaching a level of sophistication where they can provide predictive recommendations to improved operational outcomes.

As a result, utilities are better able to manage flooding and overflows, reduce carbon, water leakage, energy, and chemical usage, optimize maintenance schedules, and rapidly respond to incidents.

What water management solutions does Autodesk offer?

Autodesk Water Infrastructure solutions span the entirety of the water industry, from cloud to sea. With solutions for drainage design, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, stormwater and sanitary sewer design, and clean water network management, hydraulic modelers, engineers, and more rely on Autodesk solutions every day. To learn more about Autodesk Water Infrastructure, explore our industry page.

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