Autodesk and Transcend

Improving the early design of water and wastewater treatment plants.

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aerial view of entire water treatment plant

Accelerating generative design of critical infrastructure

Autodesk and Transcend have formed a strategic partnership to provide generative design capabilities that enhance the planning and design of water and wastewater assets. Our collaboration aims to create a world where critical infrastructure is effectively designed to deliver a more sustainable and resilient future.

green diamond pattern of water treatment filtration tanks

Progressing toward a more sustainable future together

Helping to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation is what we think about every day. Autodesk and Transcend share this commitment to water and energy reliability, resiliency, and equity with our goal of delivering access to clean water and sanitation for more people, faster than ever before. 

two hands pointing at a proposed treatment plant layout

Transferring knowledge to the next generation of engineers

The longevity of the water industry relies on the people who work in it, nearly half of whom are eligible to retire within the next five years. Autodesk and Transcend software is helping to facilitate the transfer of decades of engineering knowledge and expertise to the next generation of engineers, so they can design water infrastructure for generations to come.

3d model of a treatment plant generated in transcend

Bringing data and designs downstream

The Autodesk and Transcend collaboration enables engineers to efficiently make informed decisions when designing water and wastewater facilities; seamlessly creating and transferring data to their preferred Autodesk design tool. Whether it’s a BIM model in Revit or a P&ID in AutoCAD, engineers can effectively bring data and details into conceptual and preliminary phases of design with precision. Ultimately, the joint efforts of Autodesk and Transcend simplify the transition from early-stage design to detailed documentation.

Powerful, integrated capabilities

a woman looking at a treatment plant model in design software

Automatically combine decisions and calculations across engineering disciplines

Early-stage design can be an arduous and repetitive process. There can be a lot of rework and trial and error–often without good insights to help you envision your design outcomes. Transcend Design Generator helps accelerate the initial design concept process, giving engineers access to better information about their design decisions–and the trade-offs those specific decisions might require.

a software screenshot showing a treament plant site map

Designs powered by automation

Transcend’s generative design tools deliver BIM outputs that are native to Autodesk products including AutoCAD and Revit. Taking these editable design documents into AutoCAD Plant 3D or Revit and beginning detailed design with better information about design outcomes means faster development of water and wastewater facilities.   

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a 3d BIM model of the inside of a water treatment facility

Integrated BIM tools for plant efficiency

Bring projects online faster with integrated tools. Use comprehensive 3D models to enhance productivity, team collaboration, and efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle.


hands cupped beneath a tap catching clean water

A guide to water treatment plants

Understand the intricacies of drinking water treatment plants and the processes that transform water from source to tap.


an aerial view of a industrial wastewater plant

Design automation for industrial wastewater

Apply powerful early design automation to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why did Autodesk and Transcend form a strategic partnership?

When the people who work on water infrastructure are enabled to plan, design, maintain, and operate it more effectively, they can do their best work and help advance humanity’s progress toward a more sustainable future.   


That is why Autodesk and Transcend have formed a strategic partnership: to find new and better ways of designing and making that can lead to a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable world for all. Autodesk’s collaboration with Transcend will help make advanced technologies more accessible to a wide range of asset owners, engineering firms, and equipment suppliers, enabling them to achieve better outcomes faster. 

How do the Transcend Design Generator, AutoCAD, and Revit work together?

The Transcend Design Generator automatically generates complete, accurate preliminary designs for a variety of water and power facilities including editable design documents that are native to Autodesk products including AutoCAD, and Revit.

How does design automation drive sustainable outcomes for water and power infrastructure?

The Transcend design automation platform is specifically built to help utilities and engineering professionals evaluate and design the most resilient long term critical infrastructure assets. Transcend Design Generator (TDG) does this through automated design creation that allows users to evaluate dozens of options, whereas manual methods would be time and cost prohibitive to consider the most sustainable options. TDG also incorporates specific supplier technology providing users access to the most sustainable equipment options for their design. 

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