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Understanding the workgroup database

As an administrator, you will be able to explain the advantages of using a workgroup database.

The workgroup database allows for a multi-user environment where all data is managed centrally by the Workgroup Data Server. The Workgroup Data Server is a service that manages access to workgroup databases for InfoWorks ICM and other workgroup clients. It is designed as an on-premise solution to improve the performance and reliability of database operations.

Using a workgroup database is necessary in a multi-user environment. When multiple users are accessing the same database, a workgroup configuration stores the files in a shared location. The exception to this is the working files, which should be stored locally to the user.

A presentation slide with information and a diagram explaining a workgroup configuration.

Additionally, there are several performance advantages to using a workgroup data server above a standalone, including less network traffic and compressed data for more efficient storage.

A presentation slide listing workgroup data server advantages.