• InfoWorks ICM

Understanding the cloud database

As an administrator, you will be able to explain the advantages of using a cloud database.

Cloud capability is included with InfoWorks ICM versions 2024.0 and up, with support for database and engine versions going back to 2023.0. All cloud data and simulations are managed within the Info360 cloud environment, which is built around security within AWS. For detailed security information, refer to the Info360 security guidelines.

All InfoWorks ICM subscriptions now include the Info360 Cloud Model Service, which you will see as an entitlement at manage.autodesk.com. An administrator for your account can click Access from that service and set up the Hub.

Once a hub is created, users can switch freely between standalone, workgroup, and cloud databases. The interface of working in the cloud and on-premises is nearly identical. You can easily confirm which database you are working in by hovering your cursor over the database to view its path.

For more detailed information on how to get started with cloud capabilities, refer to the InfoWorks ICM help site.