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Storing and sharing ICM Data

As an administrator, you will understand how ICM data is stored and shared.

In ICM, all modeling data, including networks, event objects, and ground models, is saved to a database. Result files are associated to the database files but stored separately.

A standalone database is saved as an .icmm file and has an associated unique identifier folder. It is designed for a single user and should not be saved on a network drive or file share.

A workgroup database is saved as an .sndb folder and is managed by the Workgroup Data Server service. This can be run locally or from a centralized location.

The 2024 release of ICM introduced cloud databases, which allow users to store and manage project data in the cloud.

You can transfer data for all types of databases using a transportable database file. It is compressed into an .icmt file and can be shared externally. Model network data can also be transferred using a snapshot, or .isfm file, which contains network data only.

If the exercise files for one of these tutorials are stored in transportable databases, open the .icmt files from the File menu and copy the contents into your database. For snapshots, begin the lesson by importing the .isfm file into a blank network that is open in the GeoPlan.

As an individual or group of users, you can have as many or few databases as you desire, with no size limits except those set by hardware performance. It is recommended that all users utilize the workgroup database over the standalone.