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InfoWater Pro

Course overview

InfoWater Pro hydraulic modelers can leverage ArcGIS Pro’s cutting-edge spatial analysis and visualization tools, to build and manage models, and to get more insights from modeling results. InfoWater Pro provides users with a wide range of analyses to plan, extend, and operate water distribution systems effectively.

It offers the ability to create hydraulic diagram designs of existing and proposed pressure zones to manage pressure and maintain service levels. InfoWater Pro also empowers users to prepare emergency plans by simulating the impact of incidents, including pipe breaks or pump outages, and contaminations. Modelers can also improve water quality by analyzing and understanding water quality issues, and planning and assessing the impact of unidirectional flushing, reducing old water and sedimentation and improving the flow of water.

Sharing hydraulic models and results with any stakeholders can also be done with the publishing of the model to ArcGIS Online.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Connect to ArcGIS Pro, create a water project file, and set up modeling work preferences.
  • Clean water model connectivity issues after import.
  • Develop what-if scenarios to test a wide range of water system alternatives.
  • Set up steady-state and extended-period simulation runs and review results.

Course downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete modules in this course:

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