15 min.

Add Reinforcement to Concrete Footings

Module overview

The focus of this module is to see how we can add reinforcing to a concrete element, and have those elements adjust to the elements as they modified. What I’m saying is this: If we add reinforcing to a concrete element the right way, when we change the size of the concrete element, the reinforcing will change size automatically. Awesome. That means we can now focus on the actual rebar.

This module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. By the end of the module, you should be able to:

  • Configure rebar bends
  • Add reinforcement to a footing
  • Configure the Object Style graphics globally

About the author

This module was created by Eric Wing.

Before you start

  • Please make sure you have Revit software loaded.
  • If you have technical difficulties, please reach out to product support

Module outline

  • Introduction (1:09)