Take your manufacturing processes to the next level

Unlock advanced CAM capabilities in Autodesk Fusion, including 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining, sheet-based nesting and fabrication, and metals-based additive manufacturing.

What is the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension?

The Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension unlocks advanced capabilities in Autodesk Fusion to help manufacturers make better use of machinery for metal-based additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and the nesting and fabrication of parts from sheet materials.

Choose from a range of flexible payment options to best suit your business needs or download a free 14-day trial of the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension today.

Why subscribe to the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension?

Shorten project delivery times

Automate manufacturing workflows to remove repetitive tasks, reduce errors and shorten the time to go from design to manufactured parts.


Produce better quality parts

Access advanced tools to make better use of your machines, improve the quality and consistency of production and increase profit margins.


Avoid overpriced software

Get flexible access to advanced manufacturing technology when and how you need it. Unlock more with technology that pays for itself in weeks.


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Key capabilities in the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension

Image showing the 5-axis machining of a bottle mould


Milling and turning

Advanced CAM tools simplify the programming of 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling and turning and generate high-quality NC code for mills and turn-mill machines.


Image showing Fusion Steep & Shallow toolpath machining a part


Automated machining

Programme complex, feature-rich components with ease using intelligent whole-part strategies like steep & shallow, deburr, hole recognition and rotary.


Image showing a toolpath being limited to a sketch


Toolpath modifications

Speed up CAM programming with powerful modification tools that can turn a good toolpath into a great one – all without wasteful recalculation time.


Image showing a part being measured inside Fusion using a spindle mounted probe


Part inspection and setup

Use CAD-based probing strategies and spindle-mounted probes to automate part setup and measure components, helping you produce better parts in less time.


Image shows a snow plough designed and fabricated using Fusion software


Associative nesting

Convert 3D assemblies into precise 2D nested solutions ready for CAM programming, and automatically update nests if your original 3D design changes.


Image shows a fabricated vehicle designed and made with Fusion


Multi-sheet nesting

Smart nesting groups parts together based on thickness and other material-specific parameters giving instant insights for costing, quoting and ordering.


Image shows a 3D printed part with a support structure automatically created by Fusion software


Integrated 3D printing

Prepare 3D models for metal-based additive manufacturing with automatic part orientation, fully associative support structures and 3D printing file exports.


Image shows a thermal simulation of a 3D printing process


3D print simulation

Use thermal simulation tools to validate the 3D printing process to avoid costly print failures and deliver better quality parts the first time, every time.


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Unlock advanced manufacturing tools including 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining, sheet-based nesting and fabrication, and metals-based additive manufacturing.

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Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension FAQs

What is the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension?

The Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension unlocks more manufacturing functionality within Autodesk Fusion. The extension includes tools and workflows focused on subtractive CNC machining, sheet-based nesting and fabrication, and metals-based additive manufacturing.

Is the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension the same as the Fusion 360 Machining Extension?

Yes. The Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension has the same capabilities as the previous Fusion 360 Machining Extension. Additionally, the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension also includes all features that were previously included in both the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension and the Fusion 360 Additive Build Extension.

How do I trial the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension?

A 14-day, free trial is available for the Manufacturing Extension. Click here to download a free trial.

How do I access the Manufacturing Extension in Fusion?

The Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension can be accessed using different payment methods to suit your business needs, including daily, monthly and yearly options. Learn more about purchasing Autodesk Fusion extensions.

Does Autodesk offer sheet metal design software?

Yes. With the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension, you can design sheet metal parts and document flat patterns using 2D drawings and DXFs. You can also streamline the manufacture of your designs using CNC routers, waterjet, laser- and plasma-cutting machines. The Fusion Manufacturing Extension can help fabricators to:

  • Optimise material yield
  • Simplify the generation of machining setups
  • Automatically update nests if the 3D design changes
  • Create efficient cutting toolpaths
  • Export NC code for a large variety of machine types
  • Produce customisable reports and setup sheets
  • Generate labels to help with assembly and packing

Does Autodesk offer 3D printing and metals-based additive manufacturing software?

Yes. The Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension builds on the core capabilities of Autodesk Fusion to support many 3D printing/additive manufacturing applications and hardware types. Autodesk Fusion supports Fused-filament fabrication (FFF), Multi-jet Fusion (MJF), powder-bed and multi-axis deposition (such as directed energy deposition) in a wide range of metals, polymers and organics, and includes:

  • Automatic part orientation
  • Associative support structures
  • Volumetric latticing
  • Part packing optimisation
  • Print simulation

Is additive manufacturing the same as 3D printing?

Yes. 3D printing and additive manufacturing are synonyms for the same process. Both terms reference the process of building parts by joining material, layer by layer from a CAD file.

What is the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is a process that adds successive layers of material to create an object, often referred to as 3D printing. Subtractive manufacturing, as the name suggests, is the opposite. Rather than adding layers, subtractive manufacturing involves removing sections of a material by machining or cutting it away. It can be carried out manually or, more commonly, by a process known as Computer Numerically Control (CNC) machining and takes many forms, such as milling, turning, turn-mill machining, wire-EDM and others.

Will the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension work with my existing machinery?

Autodesk Fusion and the Manufacturing Extension have been built to create NC code that can be used by the vast majority of CNC machines. This includes 3- to 5-axis milling machines, lathes and turn-mill machines, as well as routers, laser-, plasma- and waterjet cutting machines that are typically used in sheet-based fabrication.

Unlike traditional CAD/CAM companies, Autodesk Fusion includes a free library of accurate 3D models of machines, 3D printing settings and post-processor files needed to export machine-specific G-code files. These have been developed in partnership with the machine tool manufacturers to provide increased accuracy and reliability.

Does the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension also include a subscription to Autodesk Fusion?

No. The Fusion Manufacturing Extension is an additional cost option that requires an active subscription to Autodesk Fusion. Learn more about purchasing options for Autodesk Fusion and the range of Autodesk Fusion extensions.

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