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Autodesk subscription plans at a glance

Select a subscription plan that best fits your individual or company needs. Each plan has a different level of security, reporting, automation and support features.

For individuals and smaller teams 

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  • Product usage reporting with user-level details

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • 8x5 live support

Benefits included with all product subscriptions 

For medium and large teams

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All the features of the Standard plan plus:

  • Directory sync

  • Premium coaching for end users

  • 24x7 live support 


For extra-large teams 

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All the features of the Premium plan plus:

  • Ability to add your own metadata

  • Controlled access to downloads

  • Managed Success Plan 


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Access options

Subscription: Users access products for a term through a dedicated single-user subscription. Checkmark Checkmark
Flex: Users access products at a daily rate through pre-purchased tokens. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark


Subscription usage reporting: See an aggregate summary of how many users are using each product and version, and the overall frequency of use for subscription seats. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Subscription usage reporting with user details: See which users are using each product and version, and their frequency of use for subscription seats. Checkmark Checkmark
Flex usage reporting: See an aggregate summary of how many tokens are being used by product and by user. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Flex usage reporting with user details: See daily token use and ongoing trends for individual users by product and version. Checkmark Checkmark
Add your own metadata: Submit data about your users, such as location or team, to enrich reports. Checkmark
Connect data to third-party tools through API access: Use APIs to integrate usage data with your third-party tools to automate analysis workflows. Checkmark Checkmark

Administration and security

Add and assign users in Autodesk Account: Invite and assign users to any product in your list just by using their email address. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Two-step verification: Add another layer of security to user accounts. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Bulk import and assign: Upload a CSV file to add a large number of users at once. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Groups: Organise users into groups to quickly assign the same products to many users. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Automate Flex user assignments: Set up default assignments to choose which products to assign to all Flex users on your list. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Single sign-on (SSO): Have users sign in via company network credentials to access products. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Automate adding users: Have users automatically added to your user list upon their first sign-in. Checkmark Checkmark
Control user access to downloads: Restrict product downloads to admins only. Checkmark
Directory Sync: Connect your organization’s directory with Autodesk’s user management platform, to automate group and product assignments. Checkmark Checkmark


Autodesk Drive: Store, preview and share design data securely. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Shared views: Share work with stakeholders quickly and securely. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Manage users by team: Separate your subscriptions and track usage by team. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Global use rights: Assign and access subscriptions** or Flex for users living and working anywhere, including subsidiaries and contractors. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

Success planning

Onboarding assistance: Get assistance with setting up new benefits, such as single sign-on, in the first 90 days. Checkmark Checkmark
Managed success plan: Work with your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) to build, implement, and capture value from your Customer Success Plan. Checkmark

Technical support

Online self-help: Troubleshoot issues with peers and experts in our community forums and the answers to your questions on the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) or from the Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA). Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Web case support: Submit a case and get help from an Autodesk specialist within one working day. Customers on Premium and Enterprise get expedited assistance. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
8x5 live support: Contact an Autodesk specialist for help during your local working hours. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
24x7 live support: Contact an Autodesk specialist for help at any time, including nights and weekends. Checkmark Checkmark
Priority support: Get priority responses and resolutions to issues with support case oversight from Autodesk specialists. Checkmark
Proactive support: Work with specialists to prevent issues before they happen by reducing avoidable errors and improving deployment and upgrade methods. Checkmark
ADN membership fee waived: Join the Autodesk Developer Network for free. Checkmark

Adoption accelerators

On-demand courses: Learn the latest workflows in just 15 minutes a day with structured, discipline-focused modules. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Pre-recorded coaching: Watch videos of coaching sessions, on your own time, to stay up to speed on the latest workflows. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Live coaching: Get live coaching from Autodesk experts tailored to your team’s focus areas and common use cases. Checkmark Checkmark
Ask a specialist: Speak 1:1 with an Autodesk specialist to learn about product capabilities, new features, technical requirements and more. Checkmark

Free software for students and educators

If you are a student, educator or an IT or lab administrator for an educational institution, enjoy free access to Autodesk products through the Education plan. Confirm your eligibility through the Autodesk Education Community and download software for your own use, or to assign to students.

Post-secondary students in a campus workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of subscriptions required for each plan?

The Standard plan has no minimum requirement; all product subscriptions automatically include Standard features and services. As a primary admin, you can choose to upgrade to the Premium plan if you have at least 10 subscriptions on Premium-eligible products. If you’re interested in an Enterprise Business Agreement, please contact an Autodesk representative.

How much do the plans cost?

All product subscriptions include the Standard plan and are offered at local pricing for your region.


Upgrading to an annual Premium plan is approximately an additional US$200 SRP per eligible product subscription per year*.


For Enterprise pricing, please contact an Autodesk representative directly.

How can I purchase a plan?

Any product subscription you purchase online, through your reseller or with an Autodesk representative will include the Standard plan.


To upgrade to Premium, work directly with your Autodesk reseller or representative; to upgrade to Enterprise, please contact your representative directly.

Which products are eligible for the Premium plan?

See the list of eligible products here (US site). We are actively working to add more Autodesk products to the Premium plan.

When can I upgrade my plan?

If you are on the Standard plan and want to upgrade to Premium, you can do so at any time or you can wait until it is time to renew your subscription. If you would like to upgrade, please contact to your Autodesk representative.

Can I downgrade my plan later?

Premium plan subscriptions are prepaid, 1-year or 3-year plans. At the end of your annual or 3-year term, you can choose to renew your Premium plan or downgrade back to Standard, at which point you will lose access to the Premium benefits.

Can I have a mix of users on different plans?

No. When upgrading plans, all subscriptions managed by a primary admin must be on Premium. To upgrade from Premium to Enterprise, please contact to your Autodesk representative.

What if I don’t need all of the features in a plan? Can I purchase some features separately?

Plan features are not sold separately at this time, so be sure to choose the plan that includes the features you need.

Are plans available for nonprofit businesses or students?

See Education plan FAQ

Nonprofits, startups and entrepreneurs using design for environmental or social good may apply for free software through our Technology Impact Program.

Can I find support for these plans in my language?

We guarantee that support will be provided in English. Other languages may be available when you request support.

How do I pay for my plan?

All product subscriptions automatically come on the Standard plan, and there is no additional cost.

To upgrade to a Premium plan, you’ll purchase the same number of Premium plan subscriptions as the number of product subscriptions you have. We’ll look at your current number of underlying eligible product subscriptions and provide you a quote.

3-year Premium plans only: for any additional product subscriptions purchased during the 3-year term, you will need to buy the same number of additional Premium plan subscriptions to continue to have access to the Premium Plan benefits for these additional product subscriptions. You can purchase additional product subscriptions at any time, and we will wait to catch up on the additional Premium subscriptions at the end of each year. We refer to this as your true-up at anniversary. There will be a true-up at the end of your first year and second year (the 1st and 2nd anniversaries of your Premium plan start date). During that time, you will receive a notification about the number of Premium plan subscriptions you will need to add to match the number of product subscriptions you added earlier in the year. Note: We can only add Premium plan subscriptions during true-up. If you want to reduce your Premium plan subscriptions, you can do so at your next renewal. At that time, you will be able to adjust your number of Premium plan subscriptions and purchase more or fewer Premium plan subscriptions, depending on your needs. For more information, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network (US Site).

Contact your Autodesk representative for information about Enterprise Business Agreements.

How can I purchase an Enterprise Business Agreement?

Select companies may purchase an Enterprise Business Agreement. Please contact an Autodesk representative if you are interested in getting started.

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Education FAQ

Who is eligible for the Autodesk Education plan?

The Education plan is accessible to all eligible students and educators globally. Eligible students and educators must study or be employed at a qualified educational institution and may only use software accessed through the Education Community on a personal device for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research or development.

As a student or educator, how do I access the Autodesk Education plan?

Visit the Autodesk Education Community, choose your preferred software and create an Autodesk account. When completing your educational profile, make sure that you select your educational role as "Student" or "Educator" and then proceed to confirm your eligibility for free access to the Autodesk Education plan.

As a student or educator, can I still obtain a 1-year educational licence for Autodesk software?

Yes. The Education plan provides 1-year access to use Autodesk products and services through the Education Community – with one renewal date for all product subscriptions you request while your plan is active. You can access any product offered under the Education plan during your 1-year renewable Education plan access.

The Education plan replaces the 1-year single-user Educational licences previously granted to a student or educator for each Autodesk software title licenced through the Education Community.

Is there a multi-user Education plan for educational institutions?

Yes. Educators and qualified educational institution IT/lab administrators who meet eligibility criteria can continue to obtain 1-year renewable Educational multi-seat standalone and network licences through the Autodesk Education Community under applicable terms.

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Legal terms and conditions

All plans are subject to terms and conditions. Please see Standard and Premium Terms of Use (US site).


* SRP is Autodesk's suggested retail price (excluding freight, handling and taxes) for the specified product in your region as at the date of this communication. SRP is used for reference purposes only. Actual retail price is determined by your reseller and may be subject to currency fluctuation. Contact your reseller for more details. All Autodesk pricing is subject to change without notice.


** Global Use Rights are available for subscriptions purchased in Approved Countries only, as further described in the Global Use Rights content in the Terms of Use.