Haas and Fusion 360 - CAD, CAM, and CNC for 2.5 axis milling

Get the most out of your Haas equipment. Our associate-level training will help you learn how to use your Haas CNC machines and Autodesk Fusion 360 software to their full potential.

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Learn modern machining skills developed by Haas and Autodesk

After completing these courses, you’ll be able to:

  • Read a blueprint and understand the necessary steps to machine a brake assembly
  • Create basic CAD models and program 2.5 axis toolpaths
  • Set up a Haas vertical mill
  • Run and validate an NC program, and inspect machined parts

Learn from the experts

The learning content that we offer is meticulously crafted by Autodesk and Haas experts who possess extensive real-world CAD/CAM/CNC experience.

mark terryberry

Mark Terryberry

Applications Engineer, Haas Automation

Mark brings over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and a passion for education to his role, where he oversees the development and delivery of training programs.

tim paul

Tim Paul

Technical Account Manager, Autodesk

Tim has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. He loves sharing his knowledge and making things, both professionally at Autodesk and personally with his Haas CNC Mill.

curt chan

Curt Chan

Go-To-Market Strategy Manager, Autodesk

A Mechanical Engineer by training, Curt has spent the past 15 years of his career in the CAD/CAM industry; as well as time as an adjunct Professor teaching design and manufacturing.

About the learning pathway

Developed by Autodesk and Haas, this new learning pathway unifies CAD, CAM, and CNC learning content into a single pathway.

  • Haas Automation brings its expertise in CNC machine tools

    Haas is a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools to a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Autodesk brings its expertise in design and engineering software

    Autodesk's software is used by millions of engineers and designers around the world to design everything from consumer products to medical devices to aircraft.

  • Get up and running quickly

    Streamline your training process and minimize downtime with our educator resources, which include ready-to-use teaching guides, and customizable plug-and-play learning pathways.

  • Be career ready & possess marketable skills

    Learn new foundational CAD/CAM skills by completing a multi-part brake caliper assembly project, culminating in a portfolio piece that can be showcased to employers as proof of job-ready skills.

Course series

Comprehensive content that leverages deep expertise over 4 courses from Haas Automation and Autodesk.

  • Course 1: Haas and Fusion 360 - Blueprints, CAD, CAM, and CNC

    Learn foundational skills with an introduction to blueprint reading, CAM setup, machine safety, operation, and inspection.

    Associate | 10.5 hours to complete

  • Course 2: Haas and Fusion 360 - CAD, CAM, and Part Programming

    Explore and learn CAD modeling, process planning, tool library setup, toolpaths, and CNC machine setup, operation, and inspection.  

    Associate | 17 hours to complete

  • Course 3: Haas and Fusion 360 - Drafting, Soft Jaw Design, and Programming

    Gain deeper knowledge of blueprint creation, importing workholding, creating soft jaw models, and programming the machine and toolpaths.

    Associate | 13 hours to complete

  • Course 4: Haas and Fusion 360 - Machined Part Finishing and Inspection

    Learn CAM setup, creating toolpaths to finish parts, simulation to validate toolpaths, create documentation to set up machines and inspect final parts.

    Associate | 17.5 hours to complete

Learning Pathway FAQs

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We recommend that you have Fusion 360 installed on your computer to take advantage of the material presented in these courses.

Fusion 360 system requirements and installation support are available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network

This course, jointly designed by Autodesk and Haas Automation, prepares learners for modern machining roles at the associate level by teaching CAM, CAD, and CNC operation skills.  Learners who complete this course should expect to be skilled in the fundamental workflows of the modern machinist and be ready to complete the certification prep courses so they can earn either the Autodesk Certified Associate in 2.5 Axis Milling certification or the Haas Basic Mill Operator certification.

Most questions can be resolved in our Support & Policies FAQ

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