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The Integrated Project Team Delivery: 1 Team, 1 Dream

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    IQL will show how there are different ways of working/interacting with the built environment and explain the integrated project delivery: client, project manager, and main contractor being 1 team with the same goal approach. We'll explain how we developed a strategy, managed the design, and delivered from concept design to project handover using different digital technologies at different stages. This class will demonstrate how we've created a strategy and EIR for a project that will run for the next 8 years and which will attract future tenants. We’ll show this from a project management point of view: management of the design stakeholders, management of design, BIM for master planning, quantification, the use of BIM for visualisation/VR, and BIM as a product to attract tenants. From a construction management view, we'll demonstrate trade design coordination, supply chain management/education, BIM on-site, 4D sequencing and construction optimisation, and BIM use for tenant engagement.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the challenges of a large commercial urban regeneration project in Europe and value of BIM implementation end-to-end
    • Understand how an integrated project is delivered when the client, project manager, and main contractor are 1 company
    • Understand methods of how relationships between client and main contractor change when there is 1 end goal
    • Learn about supply chain—education and challenges faced when end-to-end deliverables are required through all design stages