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The Integrated Project Team Delivery: 1 Team, 1 Dream
Luke Vance, Iria Carreira
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IQL will show how there are different ways of working/interacting with the built environment and explain the integrated project delivery: client, project manager, and main contractor being 1 team with the same goal approach. We'll explain how we developed a strategy, managed the design, and delivered from concept design to project handover using different digital technologies at different stages. This class will demonstrate how we've created a strategy and EIR for a project that will run for the next 8 years and which will attract future tenants. We’ll show this from a project management point of view: management of the design stakeholders, management of design, BIM for master planning, quantification, the use of BIM for visualisation/VR, and BIM as a product to attract tenants. From a construction management view, we'll demonstrate trade design coordination, supply chain management/education, BIM on-site, 4D sequencing and construction optimisation, and BIM use for tenant engagement.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the challenges of a large commercial urban regeneration project in Europe and value of BIM implementation end-to-end
  • Understand how an integrated project is delivered when the client, project manager, and main contractor are 1 company
  • Understand methods of how relationships between client and main contractor change when there is 1 end goal
  • Learn about supply chain—education and challenges faced when end-to-end deliverables are required through all design stages


Luke Vance
Luke Vance works as a BIM Manager for Lendlease Construction Europe. He has been using and implementing CAD and BIM technologies in the AEC industry for more than 10 years throughout Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom.<br/><br/>He has worked in a variety of different roles in structural consultancy and main contractor environments, leading project modelling, co-ordination and documentation and now working with a main contractor managing the delivery of commercial office building scheme in BIM.
Iria Carreira
Iria Carreira works as BIM manager for Lendlease Europe. She also guest lectures at Polytechnic University of Catalunya about BIM, mentors students for Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, is the project lead for a UK group to help the Spanish government with their new BIM mandate, and is part of an organisation called Women in BIM.

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