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News from AU
September 27, 2023

Connect with Your Community at AU 2023

 Structured learning is an essential part of the AU experience, whether you’re talking about classes, Theater talks, or Design Thinking Workshops. But the unstructured (or less-structured) experiences—the opportunities to connect and converse—are just as important.    READ MORE >
September 13, 2023

Learning at AU 2023

 Our world is changing more rapidly than ever and our industries are changing with it, driven by new customer demands, new team expectations, and new imperatives to design and make smarter, faster, and with less impact on people and the planet. If you’re feeling greater uncertainty about the future and the work you do, you’re not alone.   Advances in technology are the underlying force driving many of these changes, but those same technologies are also what will enable us to adapt. Whether you’re thinking about the rapid (and continuing) advances in AI or the ways that the cloud is transformin... READ MORE >
September 6, 2023

Work Smarter: Explore the Partner and Developer Ecosystem in the Expo at AU 2023

  AU is about learning—and connection. And the Expo at AU 2023 is the perfect place to connect with the proven partners and service providers that can help you not only learn, but implement new technologies, hone workflows, and optimize processes.   From established tech leaders to start-ups, these are specialists that can help you adapt to disruption more quickly, transform your business, and gain competitive advantage in the market. The only question is what goals you have and what outcomes you want to achieve. Explore all the developers and partners in the Exhibitor Catalog, or check out th... READ MORE >
August 30, 2023

AIA-Approved Classes at AU 2023

 Building your skills, developing your professional network, finding new solutions to problems both new and old—that’s what AU is all about, no matter what Design and Make industry you work in.   For architects, it’s also a chance to fulfill some of the 18 continued learning units (LUs) required to maintain your membership in the American Institute of Architects (AIA), including the 12 required Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) learning units required each year.    READ MORE >