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June 16, 2021

Better Infrastructure with New Technology: Learning for the Road Ahead

As negotiations continue over the American Jobs Act, the Biden administration’s big infrastructure package, one thing is clear: the definition of infrastructure has changed. To start, access to data is now almost as important as access to water and power. And how we collect, manage, and share that data is as important to the construction process as it is to the final infrastructure we build, as Autodesk pointed out in recommendations for the administration earlier this year. New tools like drones, IoT sensors, extended reality, and the cloud can help us to optimize processes and build and oper... READ MORE >
June 9, 2021

Top AU 2020 Sessions for CAD and BIM Managers

The job of the CAD or BIM manager is always changing. There are new updates to install, new processes to implement, new team members to train, new hardware to consider. Still, the past year and a half brought more disruption and change than usual. CAD and BIM managers at companies large and small had to step up and, in many cases, accelerate adoption of new tools and approaches that enabled teams to take care of business from anywhere. From real-time video collaboration to cloud-based data management, from immersive design review to remote site management, teams honed new ways to work and deve... READ MORE >
June 4, 2021

It's Time to Check Your AU 2021 Proposal Status

The AU 2021 Call for Proposals was a huge success, with more than 1,200 English-language proposals submitted from 49 countries. Nearly 20,000 votes were cast to recommend those proposals during community voting. This year’s global digital event is shaping up to be something special. We reviewed each proposal, consulted with our partners and collaborators, and considered votes and recommendations. And now, the decisions have been made—AU 2021 classes have been selected. Starting today, you can check the status of the class proposal(s) you submitted by signing in to the AU website and visiting y... READ MORE >
May 26, 2021

Autodesk’s FY21 Impact Report: Designing a More Sustainable World

Autodesk Foundation customer Treau uses Autodesk software to help create more sustainable appliances. It’s been over a decade since Autodesk released its first impact report. We’re proud of the priorities we’ve set and the progress we made this past year, including achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a company and using 100% renewable energy in operations, as was shared in Autodesk’s FY21 Impact Report. We’re also proud of our customers who are working toward more sustainable outcomes—like Autodesk Foundation customer Treau. The company uses Autodesk EAGLE software to design... READ MORE >
May 19, 2021

Join Us This October for AU 2021

AU 2021 will be a global, digital conference happening this October. It will be free to attend. We’re excited to build on what we learned from AU 2020 to create something new this year—an experience that brings our global community together to learn and connect in innovative ways. AU 2021 will be a free digital conference beginning October 5 with news and announcements from Autodesk. Join us for regional content, industry learning, and networking opportunities to follow between October 5-14, 2021. We’ll have incredible keynotes, live and on-demand sessions, and new ways to build relationships... READ MORE >