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February 19, 2019

Twitter Poll Results: What Will It Take to Reach Your Career Goals in 2019

Where are you in your professional journey today? What will it take for you to move ahead professionally in 2019? What’s the next step for your career and your capabilities? Our Twitter poll at the beginning of the year asked, “What will it take to reach your career goals in 2019?” The results are clear: At AU, you can find classes, content, connections, and more to help you meet and maybe even exceed your career goals this year. Let’s dive in. READ MORE >
February 14, 2019

Celebrating National Engineers Week 2019

It’s easy to take what engineers do for granted. Sure, sending satellites into space or robots deep into the sea may be exciting, but every time you turn on a light, cross a bridge, or drink clean water, you have an engineer to thank. Engineers Week is all about celebrating what engineers do and how they contribute to our world—while also inspiring the next generation of engineers to get started on their journey. The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) started the event in 1951 and selected the third week in February to coincide with George Washington’s birthday, since our nation... READ MORE >
February 7, 2019

Building Better Workstations: AU Sessions for Hardware

You can be the best race car driver in the world, but if you’re behind the wheel of an economy hatchback, you’re probably not going to win the race. The same goes for those who work in the fields of design, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction. Hardware matters. Whether it’s your processor, graphics card, memory, storage, or peripherals, every choice you make can impact productivity. And that can have a big impact on your bottom line. Software gets better every year—that’s the good news. The bad news? Your system can be taxed more with each improvement. Try running today’... READ MORE >
January 31, 2019

Trends in Manufacturing—Automation for Small and Medium Factories

Once upon a time, bigger was better when it came to automation in manufacturing. Systems were expensive and took months to install and program. Tasks were specific. Robots lived in cages to ensure human safety. That time is over and the robots have been freed from their cages. The future of manufacturing is nimble. A new generation of automation is playing an important role in the transformation, enabling companies to think big without necessarily being big. ZDNet recently featured a piece on the topic of automation for small and medium-sized businesses. "A radical transformation in industrial... READ MORE >
January 17, 2019

Trends in Construction—AU Learning for a Changing Industry

It’s a time of rapid change for all the industries that make our world, but perhaps nowhere is the pace of change felt more than in the field of construction. Construction Dive recently looked at the trends that will have the biggest impact on construction in 2019, driving greater efficiency, improved safety, and more innovation. Take a look at a few of their observations—then build your skills with some related AU 2018 classes. Modular construction on the rise Prefabrication has been around for a while, but it’s bigger than ever—literally. Now, 18-story buildings made with modular approaches ... READ MORE >