News from AU
January 4, 2023

Transformation Trends for 2023: Better and Different

Every company is on a unique journey of transformation, just like every individual. But broadly speaking, it can be useful to think about transformation in two categories—better and different.   Transforming for better means looking for improved ways to do what you already do. It’s about optimization, efficiency, and cutting out the lags, data losses, and rework that you’ve lived with until now.   Transforming for different means exploring entirely new approaches. It’s about pioneering new business models, revolutionizing how you interact with customers and partners, and fundamentally rethinki... READ MORE >
December 14, 2022

Explore, Interact, Collaborate: Real-time 3D Experiences for Design

We live in what gamers might call an “open world,” meaning that we can freely explore it and interact with anything in it in real time, limited only by the laws of physics. Countless other “characters” are in this world with us, both human and non-human, and we can interact and collaborate with them in infinite ways. We call this reality.   Digital worlds, historically, have provided far greater restrictions. You could often only see things in 2D or from a set angle, for example, and could only perform a set number of actions. Real-time 3D visualization (RT3D) technologies are changing that, e... READ MORE >
December 5, 2022

Best of AU 2022 Awards: Top-Rated Classes and Speakers

AU is about ideas. It’s about innovation. It’s about finding better ways—and different ways—to design and make. And that starts with our speakers—the industry professionals who share their insight and expertise with their peers in AU learning sessions. From bold predictions to hard lessons learned, unique insights to frank conversations, classes are the core of the AU learning experience.   The Best of AU 2022 Speaker Awards celebrate top presenters in each class format, with multiple winners in each category based on industry and a category specifically for Autodesk-led classes. In addition t... READ MORE >
December 1, 2022

AU 2022 News Roundup: Conference Insights and Coverage

AU 2022 is over, but the conversation continues about the news, partnerships, and features announced at the conference. From key context and insightful recaps to unique perspectives and inspiring interviews, check out some highlights of the coverage from top industry magazines and publications:   Architecture & building engineering coverage  Martin Day discussed the importance of the Autodesk platform in AEC Magazine, and what the announcement of Forma means for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Day also had another piece that recapped what the Data Exchange Connec... READ MORE >
November 28, 2022

Decarbonizing by Design: Sustainability Sessions from AU 2022

Whether you joined us in New Orleans or participated in the digital experience, you probably noticed that sustainability was everywhere at AU 2022. On the main stage, in the Leadership Workshops, and in meetups and learning sessions, teams from across industries shared their workflows, processes, and tips for reducing negative impact. Given the challenges we face with climate change and waste, there’s no question that success tomorrow depends on sustainability today.   Autodesk is committed to building a sustainable future. That starts with the choices we make as a company—as our FY22 Impact R... READ MORE >