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June 18, 2019

Community Voting for AU Las Vegas 2019 Closes Soon

What’s more important to you—learning about generative design or GIS integration with BIM? Are you focused on photorealistic rendering or Forge? Business management or 5-axis machining? Or something else altogether? Now is the time to tell us what you want to learn at AU Las Vegas this year. Community voting on session proposals is now open, but ends June 25. Check out the community voting page and peruse the submissions. Search by the topics and products that matter to you, give a thumbs-up to any proposal you’d like to see at AU, then do it again. And again. You can vote for as many proposal... READ MORE >
June 11, 2019

Join Us for AU London

AU London kicks off the 2019 International calendar on June 18 and 19. With more than 120 learning sessions planned for those in architecture, construction, manufacturing, and production, it’s a great opportunity to connect with the best in your industry, soak up knowledge and insight, and experience what it means to learn through community. The opening General Session will focus on automation across industries and the opportunity it creates for better processes and better products. Sam Ramji will share his thoughts on how automation can help us design things of increasing complexity and incre... READ MORE >
June 5, 2019

Design Automation: Conversations with Innovators

Design automation—the term means different things to different people, even within the worlds of architecture, engineering, and construction. For some, it’s a way to reduce costs and accelerate schedules. For others, it’s a way to build shapes that might otherwise be impossible. The truth is that design automation is both of these and more. It can mean a way to analyze the geometry of each floor of a building design to determine the optimal connections between columns and slabs. It can mean programming a CNC machine to execute commands created through generative design. It can mean allowing th... READ MORE >
May 30, 2019

Community Voting Is Open—Choose Your Favorite AU Las Vegas Class Proposals

And just like that—another AU Las Vegas Call for Proposals has officially closed. You answered the call with a remarkable turnout: we received over 2,400 proposals from over 1,100 community members in almost 50 countries. The industry focus was illuminating: 72% of this year’s proposals are from Architecture, Engineering & Construction; 19% from Design & Manufacturing; and 5% from Media & Entertainment, Software Development, and other industries. Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal. We know that it takes time, energy, thought, and courage to put yourself out the... READ MORE >
May 23, 2019

Closing the Gap on Skills and Gender Equity in Construction

We hear a lot about the shortage of skilled labor in construction, with more than 80% of construction companies reporting that they’re having a hard time finding qualified workers. At the same time, we also hear about the lack of gender diversity in construction, since women make up only about 3% of the industry’s US workforce. Lorien Barlow, director of the forthcoming documentary film, Hard Hatted Woman, thinks we can solve both problems at once. In a recent Redshift article, Barlow and others share their ideas and efforts to get more women into the building trades, including innovative prog... READ MORE >