The future of construction is connected and digital. Keep up with the latest tools and workflows and see how others are solving challenges to build a better world. Discover innovative approaches with industry experts, from prefabrication and laser scanning to AI and simulation.



New Business Models and Digital Platforms in Construction 4.0

The AEC industry is undergoing an invisible revolution, and the largest players are moving fast. Olivier Lepinoy explores the future of construction, the need for new business models, and how to develop a strategy for your firm.


Innovative BIM Workflows for Industrialized Construction

Check out this collaborative, innovative workflow for a set of high-end prefabricated housing units that can be applied to similar projects like hotels and hospitals.


ISO 19650, the Common Data Environment, and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Use of the ISO 19650 international standard for managing built assets is on the rise. Check out this overview with Joan Allen and Angela Yee, including best practices for managing construction project data and documents.


Applications of Augmented Reality Integrations for Construction and Design

Learn about three types of augmented reality applications you can integrate into construction and design to improve safety and collaboration, minimize cost, and speed decision making.

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