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Don’t just know your risk. Understand it.

Lives, livelihoods, even entire ecosystems face disruption when water infrastructure fails. Today, one quarter of the world’s population live in an area at significant risk of flooding–a number that is increasing every day. Many communities are dependent on effective stormwater and flood mitigation infrastructure.

Our flood modeling and management software lets you monitor assets in real-time and build accurate digital twins of catchment and drainage systems. This provides the accurate data you need to plan for and scale infrastructure to handle any risk and operate at maximum effectiveness.

Toward cleaner, more resilient wastewater systems

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Context is everything

Nothing happens in isolation, and nowhere is that more true than in wastewater management. Water availability, runoff patterns, potential sources of pollution–how water interacts with its surroundings is hugely complex. And, the closer you look, the more complex it becomes. Accounting for everything is core to catchment design.


However, precision pays off. Efficiently designed catchments lead to better overall performance of wastewater infrastructure, with fewer overflows, less impact from stormwater influx, and more effective pollution control. Our tailored design software can help you deliver that precision, making it easy to integrate data on topography, land use, and hydrologic features for catchments of every scale and type.

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The decisions are in the details

Wastewater asset managers spend a lot of time asking: “What if?” That’s understandable when their decisions have impact decades down the line. Missed details and variables can one day result in devastating consequences for communities. Models and simulations are the best ways we have to explore possible futures. The finer the detail, the more accurate the outcome. That’s where we come in.


We can help you build highly detailed digital twins of your wastewater systems to use for simulating scenarios, such as heavy rainfall or increased demand, and even optimize current performance through real-time monitoring. Developing these capabilities is crucial for building resilience into your infrastructure. Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate this data into city and master planning for future capacity expansions or asset rehabilitation programs–ensuring your systems are secure and sustainable for future generations.

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Seeing the full picture

In wastewater collection, everything you don’t know about your network is a potential risk–to your bottom line, to the environment, and to the trust of the communities you serve. With regulations on water quality tightening while threats are mounting, active monitoring is an incredible opportunity to turn your descriptive analytics into prescriptive ones.


Our cloud-based software helps you oversee the condition of your wastewater systems to aid regulatory reporting and increased preparedness by modeling what-if scenarios. That accelerates your ability to act on issues like leaks–even prevent them entirely. You’ll also boost operational productivity through better collaboration and increase the accuracy of capital decisions–enhancing compliance, reducing cost, and yielding more sustainable outcomes.

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Prediction is better than cure

Much like us, wastewater assets are living longer lives due to a greater understanding of risk factors and more targeted interventions. Maintenance matters, and the earlier the better. However, that’s easier said than done when you oversee thousands of assets, many of which can be remote and inaccessible. How do you prioritize in that context?


The answer lies in the past. Or rather, your past data. We can help you comprehensively track asset performance and maintenance history across your portfolio to discover patterns. This gives you the data you need to not only help predict where maintenance is and will be most needed, but also understand how you can hone asset performance, manage resources effectively, and maximize resilience.

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Our key software for wastewater infrastructure

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Real-time operational performance analytics, modelling and alerting tools in the cloud

Deliver actionable asset condition and risk planning in the cloud

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Get started with InfoWorks ICM

Learn what you need to model your storm and wastewater networks in the cloud and better plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios.

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Wastewater collection frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is wastewater collection software, and why is it important?

Wastewater collection is a vital component of modern water infrastructure (US Site). From collection of wastewater from the source to managing the treatment process, wastewater collection software enables modelers, designers, and operators to simulate and manage this process.


Autodesk software like InfoWorks ICM enables hydraulic modelers to model sanitary sewer flow, enabling network wide management and design, while Info360 enables real-time analytics and operation of assets and wastewater treatment plants.

Does Autodesk software support real-time monitoring of wastewater systems?

Yes. Autodesk has developed an advanced suite of cloud-based analytics tools that can ingest sensor data and couple that data to a model of your wastewater network or treatment plant. This enables more accurate than ever digital twins for wastewater systems.

Can I see case studies of organizations that have benefited from using your software?

Autodesk consistently partners with our customers to tell their success stories using our wastewater collection software. If you’re interested in learning more about customers who have had success with Autodesk Water technologies, you can find examples here (US Site).

How does Autodesk software improve efficiency and reduce operational costs for wastewater management?

At the core of improving wastewater management efficiency, decreasing environmental impacts, and reducing operational costs is understanding your given wastewater system. By using the latest in wastewater digital twin technology, forward-thinking utilities and consultants are able to effectively plan for and mitigate CSO events, streamline pump operations and staffing schedules, and better understand the operation of their wastewater network.


To learn more about how Autodesk water solutions can help you in your wastewater management journey, contact us today.

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