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Software updates

Stay current to stay competitive

With Maintenance Subscription, you can always put the latest technology to work for you. Stay one step ahead of the competition with fast access to product enhancements and more predictable upgrade costs.

Immediate access
No danger of outdated software here. Get the latest updates and enhancements as soon as they are released, to keep your tools current and your skills sharp.

Lower upgrade costs
Staying current on your Maintenance Subscription means lower, more predictable upgrade costs, so you—and your software budget—will never be surprised.

Future readiness
Be ready for future software upgrades by subscribing now. As of February 1, 2015, upgrades will no longer be available for separate purchase. Use Maintenance Subscription for cost-effective access to new releases.

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The value of software upgrades

Stay in sync with your customers throughout the project’s duration. (video: 1:19 min.)


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Purchase Maintenance Subscription along with a new software license in our online store or from an Autodesk reseller. To add Maintenance Subscription to an existing license, contact a reseller.

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