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Flexible software licensing

Find more freedom for where and how you work

Say goodbye to versioning issues, location restrictions, and other productivity hurdles. With Maintenance Subscription, flexible software licensing rights support the way you work.

Previous version rights
Use both current and earlier versions of your software. Access older files, reopen past projects, and create compatible files for future use.

Home use rights
Easily switch between your office computer and your home computer with convenient licensing that extends to multiple machines.

Extra territory rights
Feel free to roam. Extra territory rights let you work from anywhere outside your country of purchase for up to 90 days, for globetrotting adaptability.

The value of flexible licensing

The value of flexible licensing

Stay in sync with your customers throughout the project’s duration. (video: 1:19 min.)


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Purchase Maintenance Subscription along with a new software license in our online store or from an Autodesk reseller. To add Maintenance Subscription to an existing license, contact a reseller.

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