Thank you for your interest in helping Autodesk rebuild Ukraine.

As Autodesk explores how best to support the rebuilding of Ukraine, we encourage experts in the design of infrastructure, public spaces, housing, hospitals, and schools to indicate your interest in joining us. Please submit your contact information here and we’ll provide updates when more information is available from the US government and other partners.

Map of Ukraine

What are we looking to do?

Autodesk intends to support the rebuilding of Ukraine with donated tools and expertise. We are actively in discussions with the U.S. government, public, and private sector entities to create a public private partnership aimed at helping Ukrainian cities emerge stronger, more resilient and fit for the future. The partnership will work with small Ukrainian cities that have been significantly damaged or destroyed and completely reimagine and redesign them with local input. These cities may have less ability to attract technical assistance and project finance from the national government or from international benefactors.