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  • Large, white, modern transportation terminal without people

    Technical Drawing for Design and Drafting

    Boost your AutoCAD technical drawing skillset and gain the confidence to make an impact in your organization.

    Professional | 4 hours to complete

  • Exterior concrete staircase leading to courtyard in an office complex

    Advanced 3D Modeling for Architectural Design

    Explore the possibilities of creating 3D architectural models in Revit. Apply these new skills to your work and take your career to the next level.

    Professional | 5 hours to complete

  • Metal frame for five-story office building and construction cranes

    Families and Parameters for Structural Design

    Learn why Revit families and parameters are important and how you can apply them to real-world structural projects.

    Professional | 4 hours to complete

  • Construction worker in yellow jacket and hard hat viewing Revit designs on tablet computer

    Modeling and System Design Techniques for Mechanical Design

    Save time, increase project consistency, and drive smarter design decisions by using the mechanical modeling techniques and physical analysis tools available in Revit.

    Professional | 5 hours to complete

  • Two male construction workers in hard hats and yellow vests holding a tablet and viewing an electrical panel

    Modeling and System Design Techniques for Electrical Design

    Boost your skills by learning the workflows and modeling standards to manage electrical circuits, panel schedules, light sources, system connectors, and electrical systems in Revit.

    Professional | 5 hours to complete

  • Aerial view of a freeway with a curved overpass surrounded by trees and grass

    Alignments and Profiles for Road Layout Design

    Get the Civil 3D skills you need to optimize your road designs for efficiency and safety, while minimizing project costs.

    Professional | 3 hours to complete

  • Table with black and white 3D printed parts in front of two men and a laptop with Fusion a model on the screen

    Introduction to Modeling and Design for Manufacturing

    Learn Fusion 360 best practices by exploring mechanical assemblies from the ground up, and discover the best way to control of your designs from sketch all the way to production.

    Professional | 14 hours to complete

  • Man in dark shirt working on computer with three monitors showing 2D and 3D models

    3D Modeling for Mechanical Design Using Inventor

    Learn Inventor approaches to parametric design and assembly creation that lead to better outcomes.

    Professional | 15 hours to complete

  • Two people talking, one holds a 3D modeled part in front of a laptop with the part design onscreen.

    Introduction to 3D Modeling for Manufacturing

    Iterate on your designs by learning the Fusion 360 2D and 3D workflows that help you solve new challenges and deliver stronger projects.

    Associate | 15 hours to complete

  • Man in workshop viewing multicolored CAD rendering on computer screen

    Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

    Get foundational Fusion 360 knowledge in 3D modeling, toolpath programming, and practical use of CNC machining for milling.

    Associate | 14 hours to complete

  • Man extending lens in front of him; multicolored 3D overlays surround the lens

    Introduction to Generative Design for Manufacturing

    Explore how to work with generative design studies and outcomes in Fusion 360 to solve manufacturing challenges in new ways.

    Expert | 13 hours to complete

  • Two men viewing a Fusion design on a laptop on a workbench

    Introduction to Design for Manufacturing

    Explore essential designs for manufacuturing workflows, such as part and assembly design, model validation, and CAM programming for CNC milling.

    Associate | 14 hours to complete

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