• Forma

Visibility and orientation toolbar in Forma

Use the visibility and orientation toolbar map and camera tools.

Step-by-step guide

In Forma, easily access map tools and adjust camera options to customize how projects are viewed.

  1. With a project open, notice the visibility and orientation toolbar.
    The Forma visibility and orientation toolbar in the canvas, called out with a red arrow. 
  1. Select Show north up, and the canvas view immediately orients to true north.
    The visibility and orientation toolbar, with Show north up called out with a red arrow.
  1. Switch between 2D and 3D views.
  2. Select Camera options.
    The visibility and orientation toolbar, with the Camera options selected. 
  1. Pick a point in the project canvas to look from.
  2. Select a few buildings to zoom into view.
  3. Zoom in to fit the selection.
  4. Select Camera position.
    The visibility and orientation toolbar, with Camera options selected and Camera position selected from the flyout menu. 

Save a new camera position or load a pre-saved position:

  1. Select Save camera position.
  2. In the text field, enter a name for the position. This saved position will now be available to use in the future.
    The Camera position flyout, with Save camera position selected.

From the toolbar, display settings can also be configured:

  1. Select Display options.
  2. From the Shadows option, select the date and time. The flyout updates.
    The visibility and orientation toolbar, with Display options selected and Shadows settings highlighted.
  1. With Shadows on, use the Time slider to adjust how shadows display in the canvas.
    Adjusting the Time slider to affect shadows in the canvas.
  1. Return to the Display options flyout.

These options are also for toggling between terrain map textures, contour lines, and satellite images.

The display options flyout, with the Terrain options highlighted.

  1. Select Satellite. The canvas display updates accordingly.
  2. Select Map. Again, the display updates.

From Guides and measurements, toggle the drawing precision control tools:

The visibility and orientation toolbar, with Guides and measurements selected

  1. Turn object snapping on or off, as well as the measurement guides.
  2. Turn on the display of elevations above sea level, which appear as a tooltip at the cursor.