• InfoWorks ICM

Understanding the Mesh Log

Identify and resolve some common warnings that can appear in the Mesh Log after a mesh has been generated.

When a mesh is generated, a mesh log is also created.

The Manage mesh results dialog box, with Show log highlighted in red.

This log contains information on any errors or warnings.

A mesh log example, with all WARNING information highlighted in red.

Some examples of these warnings include:

  • Element contains more than 100 triangles: This means that the object geometry is not optimized and ICM had to create many small triangles and aggregate them into an element. Ideally, these should be investigated and resolved. This is usually a simple process of adjusting some object vertices, because they are very close but not snapped together.
  • Manholes are inside the same element: This warning is usually acceptable, but having two nodes linked to a single element may increase the chance of flow limiting occurring. If needed, either move one of the nodes into an adjacent element, or use a break line to enforce two separate elements.
  • Element aggregated across boundary: This warning is usually acceptable and provided for information. The meshing algorithm has found a small triangle outside of a polygon boundary, but aggregated it into an element containing triangles from within the polygon. So, the properties of the triangles may have differed. This is done to try to avoid small elements.
  • Unable to calculate internal point: This is an object geometry error, usually caused by void objects. These should be investigated and resolved by adjusting the inconsistent objects. The key is to look for any elements that are less than ½ the minimum element area. These will be listed in the log and should be inspected and corrected where possible, as they could be detrimental to the simulation speed.