• InfoWater Pro

Understanding InfoWater projects

Understand the project storage structure of folders and files that ArcGIS Pro and InfoWater Pro create.


ArcGIS Pro and InfoWater Pro create a specific storage structure for the project folders. It is important to understand how this storage structure works, as well as the types of files that are created.

There are three project files and folders created by ArcGIS Pro and InfoWater Pro:

  1. The APRX file is an ArcGIS Pro map or network schematic file
  2. The IWDB folder is an InfoWater Pro database folder and includes elements, inputs, and modeling files
  3. The OUT folder stores all modeling results from simulations

IMPORTANT: These project files and folders are stored together with the exact same name, as InfoWater Pro will try to create a new, empty project if the IWDB and APRX are in different locations or have different names.

File Explorer showing .iwdb and .out test folders and an .aprx test file