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Simplify geometry with the mesh editing tools

Recognize the different tools used to modify, merge, and simplify polygon and polyline objects.

To help modify, merge, and simplify the geometry of polylines and polygon objects, there are many geometry tools in ICM designed for small-scale use and data clean-up. They are primarily located in the Model menu, under the Geometry section.

The ICM Model menu, with Geometry selected and highlighted in red, and in the flyout, a list of available geometry tools.


Polygon and polyline objects can be cleaned to reduce the number of vertices and to correct self intersection.

The Simplify Geometry dialog box.

Close gaps and overlaps

Polygon and polyline geometry can be cleaned to remove small gaps between selected objects.

The Close gaps and overlaps dialog box.

Merge polygons

Selected pairs of polygons of the same type can be combined to form a single merged polygon.

The Merge Polygons dialog box.

Crop selected overlapping polygons and polylines

Polygon geometry can be cleaned to remove overlaps between adjacent polygons and to ensure that vertices match on common edges.

The Crop Selected Overlapping Objects dialog box.

Create diagnostic polygons

Generating diagnostic polygons can be carried out for visual inspection of GIS and polygon areas. This identifies the areas where errors have occurred in the recognition of shapes and how they overlay each other.

The Create Diagnostic Polygons dialog box.

It is recommended that when editing polygons and polylines of a whole catchment that this is undertaken outside of ICM in specialist GIS software where more powerful tools and options are available.