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Reviewing Zone Details for a Pressure Zone

Review results of a Pressure Zone Manager trace and analysis.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:



Once you have run a Pressure Zone Manager trace and analysis, you can review in-depth zone details.

  1. Open the appropriate .aprx file in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. From the ribbon, InfoWater Pro tab, Project panel, click Initialize.
  3. On the ribbon, InfoWater Pro tab, Project panel, click Apps.
  4. Double-click PZM.

A previous PZM run revealed five pressure zones in the model.

  1. Click Zone Results to see the details of each zone.
    The Pressure Zone Manager results window. with Zone Results highlighted.
  2. In the Pressure Zone Results dialog box, click PZM Summary to review the summary information for all zones. The Zones Summary dialog box contains the zone IDs, descriptions, the start node of the zone, number of nodes and links, and more.
    The Pressure Zone Results dialog box in the background, with PZM Summary highlighted as having been selected, and the Zone Summary dialog box open in front.
  3. Close the Zones Summary.
  4. Back in the Pressure Zone Results dialog box:
    1. Expand the Selected Zone drop-down and select PZM1.
    2. Click the Hydraulic Profile Diagram tab.
    3. Enable Show Zero Flow Elements.

The zone inflows and outflows appear in a graphic form, which makes it easy to visualize the interconnections between pressure zones.

The Pressure Zone Results dialog box with PZM1 selected and Show Zero Flow Elements enabled.

  1. Click each tab to see the specific pressure zone results for Zone 1:

The Hydraulic Profile Diagram tab displays the pressure zone diagram for the selected zone. The diagram indicates zone boundaries with the element symbols, and includes element IDs and junction IDs, along with elements that feed the zone.

The Hydraulic Profile Schema tab also provides a summary, as well as inflow and outflow data from each element that is feeding or leaving the zone.

The Zone Summary tab provides a list of details for the selected pressure zone. The zone details include Zone ID and description as well as time, total inflow and outflow, max/min pressure, max/min elevation, total nodes and links in the zone, total positive/negative demands and max/min water quality.

The Boundary Elements tab displays all boundary elements associated with the selected pressure zone. The listing includes the boundary ID and element type and gives an indication of flow in or out of the pressure zone as well as the status of any closed elements. The head, flow, and elevation are also displayed, as well as any adjacent zone information.

Both zoom and print functions are available for these pages. Also, the schematic may be exported to DXF or CSV format and saved for later display or printing.

  1. Click Close the exit the Pressure Zone Results dialog box.
  2. Click Close to exit the Pressure Zone Manager.