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Quick access in Forma

Use Forma’s Quick access tool. 

Step-by-step guide

In Forma, use the Quick Access tool to access commands easily and get an overview of relevant shortcuts.

Begin with a project open on the canvas.

  1. From the left panel, select Quick access.
    In the Forma interface, a project open on the canvas, and in the left panel, Quick access is selected and called out with a red arrow.

The Quick access dialog displays with a list of commands and the keyboard shortcuts for each command.

In the Quick access dialog, the Search field highlighted in red, and a list of tools with associated keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Start typing in the search field to quickly locate a command.
  2. Select the command from the list. In this instance, the Repeat last tool command, with the associated SPACEBAR keyboard shortcut, is selected.
    In the Quick access dialog, the Repeat last tool command and SPACEBAR keyboard shortcut selected for this example.

With this command, instead of navigating back to the toolbar to find the last used tool:

  1. From your keyboard, press SPACE.

The last tool used opens and is available. For example, if the last tool used was Constraint > Cube, pressing SPACE selects this command.

  1. Continue as if the command was selected in the toolbar. In this case, begin picking corners to add a new constraint to the canvas.
    An image of the SPACE key, and the first corner picked to add a new constraint to the canvas.

The Quick Access tool in Forma lets you easily navigate commands.