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Placing doors with tags

Choose door sizes from the Type Selector and place them with tags.

Tutorial resources

These downloadable resources will be used to complete this tutorial:

DW-Arch_Place Doors_RVT2021_002.rvt

Step-by-step guide

Choose door sizes from the Type Selector and place them with tags.

  1. Open DW-Arch_Place Doors_RVT2021.rvt, load the door family Door-Double-Flush_Panel.rfa, and select type 68" x 80".
  2. In the Modify | Place Door contextual tab > Tag panel, ensure that Tag on Placement is selected.
  3. Click the walls to place the doors, so that they are opening into the rooms.

In the Revit interface, Tag on Placement selected in the Modify | Place Door contextual tab, Tag panel; and in the Level 1 plan view, 2 doors placed opening into the rooms.

  1. In the Type Selector, select Sgl Flush: 36" x 84".
  2. Hover over the wall and press SPACEBAR to switch the swing direction of the door.
  3. Click the wall to place it.
  4. Place several more doors.

In Properties, a new door type selected in the Type Selector, and in the view, several more doors placed.

  1. Click Modify.
  2. Zoom in on Door 7 and select it.

A zoomed-in view of Door 7 being selected, which now appears highlighted and with flip handles displayed.

  1. Press the SPACEBAR to cycle through the various swing orientations.
  2. Click the Flip controls to test the various options, ending with the door opening into the same room, but to the right.
  3. Click an empty space or press ESC to release the selection.

A zoomed-in view of Door 7, with the swing orientation flipped and the cursor clicking an empty space.

  1. Select one of the single interior doors.
  2. In the Modify | Doors tab > Create panel, click Create Similar.

In the view, one of the single interior doors selected, and in the Modify | Doors tab, Create panel, Create Similar selected.

  1. Place two more doors in the center room of the model.
  2. Click Modify.
  3. Right-click and select Zoom To Fit.

In the view, all doors placed for this example, and in the context menu, Zoom To Fit selected and highlighted.

  1. Save the project.