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Compare analysis with Forma

Compare analysis results in Forma. 

Step-by-step guide

With Forma analyses, you can gain insights to make informed design decisions by comparing previously run analyses.

  1. Open a project in which analyses have already been run.
  2. From the left panel, select Compare.

The canvas and panel update.

The Forma interface, with an open project in the canvas, analyses already having been run, and in the left panel, Compare selected and highlighted


To evaluate up to six different proposals or analysis results in a side-by-side comparison:

  1. From the Compare panel, in the analysis history, select several relevant proposals or analyses to compare. In this case, Sun hours, Wind, and Microclimate are selected.

The canvas updates to display all the selected analyses side-by-side.

In the left panel, 3 analyses selected in the analysis history, and on the canvas, the 3 analyses appear side-by-side.

To inspect or change the parameters used for an analysis:

  1. Hover the cursor over the edge of the analysis panel.
  2. Click the arrow that appears.
    On the canvas, the cursor clicking the arrow at the edge of the analysis panel, highlighted in red.
  1. In the expanded panel, change the analysis dates and time interval, if needed.
    In the expanded analysis panel, a new analysis date being selected.
  1. Zoom and pan in one of the scenes.

Notice that all open scenes update accordingly, for easy comparison.

On the canvas, zooming and panning in the first analysis scene shows all scenes updating accordingly.

  1. Open another analysis panel, such as the Wind analysis panel.
  2. Toggle between Comfort or Direction results to further customize the comparison.
    In the expanded Wind analysis panel, the Comfort and Direction results options are highlighted.
  1. In one scene, click Inspect.
  2. Within the scene, pick points to review detailed information for specific points.

Once a point is picked, information displays in each open analysis.

In the first scene, the Inspect button highlighted in red and a point picked, with relevant information displayed for that point in each open analysis.

  1. Continue to adjust the views as needed.

When finished, the analysis results can be exported:

  1. Select Camera position.
  2. From the menu, select a screen capture option. In this case, 4K Screen capture with graphics (.png) is selected to save the comparison as a PNG file.
    A portion of the canvas, with Camera position highlighted and expanded, with a screen capture option selected for this example.

Comparing analyses offers an overview of multiple qualities at the same time, bringing any trade-offs to the surface. This can help stakeholders make better decisions during the early stages of the design process.