• Forma

Basic buildings in Forma

Understand how to create a basic building.

Step-by-step guide

In Forma, the Design toolbar offers tools to create elements in the canvas, such as basic buildings. Quickly run volumetric studies and access important metrics.

  1. Open a project with site limits already applied.
  2. From the Design toolbar Select Buildings > Basic building.
    The Forma Design toolbar, with Buildings selected to reveal the flyout menu, where Basic buildings is being selected.

The toolbar updates.

  1. In the canvas, zoom and pan to where the building is to be placed.
  2. In the Design toolbar, select Cube.
    The Forma canvas and Design toolbar, with Cube selected. 
  1. In the canvas, pick the perimeter of the building to design.

Once the perimeter is selected, a dimension field tooltip displays at the cursor.

  1. Enter a height value for the building, and then click to place it.
    The Forma canvas, with the Height value being added to the new building in a type box. 

A basic building displays, complete with floors.

  1. Create another basic building.
  2. From the left panel, Navigator tab, under Layers, select Hide Constraints.
    The Left panel, Navigator tab, with Hide Constraints selected and the canvas showing the newly created building and the Building tools still showing from the Design toolbar.

For each floor, its height can be assigned, functions assigned, and footprint changed. Internal content can also be added to each floor, for example, a parking layout or interior floor plans.

To review the height of a floor in one of the buildings, select a building:

  1. From the right panel, under Building, adjust the floors, including how many floors are in the building and the height of the floors.
  2. In the Height field, change the value of the floor height.
    The Forma canvas, Design toolbar, and right panel, with the Building Basic settings highlighted in a red box.

Change the function assignment of the building:

  1. Select the currently assigned function and, from the Swap Function flyout, select from one of the available, pre-made functions, such as Commercial.
    The Forma canvas, Design toolbar, and right panel active, with Swap Function flyout open and the Commercial type enabled.
  1. Select another building and change that function assignment as well.
  2. Select Area metrics.
    The Forma canvas, Design toolbar, and right panel, with the Area Metrics for the selected building highlighted.

Each floor will have its gross area calculated in Area metrics, giving live feedback on the area stats of the project. To review the metrics:

  1. Expand the area options in the Area metrics tree.
    A closeup of the expanded area options in the right panel, which are used to select analysis areas; in this example, Entire site is highlighted for selection.