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Area metrics in Forma

Understand area metrics and functions in Forma. 

Step-by-step guide

In Forma, area metrics is an instant analysis that provides immediate feedback on how design decisions impact the key stats associated with a project, depending on where the project is located. Area metrics are especially helpful for mixed use projects, when different coverages need to be designated.

  1. Open an existing project.
  2. From the right panel, under Area metrics, select Area metrics settings.

In the Area metrics dialog box, the metrics that are available are specific to the region the project is located in.

In the right panel of an open Forma project, Area metrics settings is selected and highlighted in red, and in the highlighted Area metrics dialog box, metrics specific to the project region are listed and enabled.

From here, you can create new metrics, as well as hide, delete, or change the calculation rules for existing metrics.

  1. Open the Functions tab.

The default functions display, including Residential, Commercial, and Unspecified.

  1. Click Create new function.
    In the Area metrics dialog box, Functions tab, a list of default functions, with Create new function selected and highlighted in red.

The dialog box updates with options to define the new function.

  1. Specify the Name and Color of the new function. In this case, a blue color is assigned, and the function is named, “Office”.
  2. Specify the inputs for the function, such as the rentable area (RA), the gross floor area (GFA), and the building coverage (BC).
  3. Select Create function.
    The Area metrics dialog box updated to show Create new function settings, with the Name and Color specified for this example, and Create function selected.

The Area metrics tab reopens.

  1. Select the Functions tab to review the newly created function.
    In the Area metrics dialog box, on the Functions tab, the function created for this example appears in the list and is highlighted in red.

Be aware that custom ratios for calculating key figures are possible in Forma.

Area metrics in Forma provide key statistics specific to the location of the project on selected buildings, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the total area.