Project challenge exercise

The challenge: Create a 3D printed drone chassis below 10g total.

Complete the required activities: 

  • Create a drone design for 3D printing. 
  • Minimize the mass of all printed components.
  • Measure mass of each component.

Note: This micro drone is a sub-class of drones that is intended to be flown indoors. The total drone weight including all components and 3D printed parts ranges from 40-50g. The FAA requires that any drones flown in federally regulated airspace, above the weight of 250 grams (0.55lbs) and flow for recreation or commercial applications must register their drone and take a free online safety test to remain in compliance. If you build and fly your micro drone inside or within the confines of a drone specific safety cage, this is outside of federally regulated airspace and a drone license and registration should not be required. As a safety precaution you should check your local regulations to ensure there are no additional guidelines that must be followed.


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